Where are we going in 2018?

Better yet, where are you going in 2018?

We are at the fun stage of planning our 2018 event, the 14th edition of The Global Scavenger Hunt–the travel world championship.

To date, The Global Scavenger Hunt has visited 76 countries, from tiny Andorra to gigantic Russia, and from the island of Fiji to the islands of Colombia. As it looks right now, we may be visiting 7 or 8 new ones in 2018–and new destinations in places we have previously visited (Some countries beg for more than one visit!).

Now I’m not telling and I would never tip my hand, but look at the map and marvel at the opportunities before us. Blue been there/Gray what’s next.

The mind reels…happily! Excited? So are we.

Red been there/Gray what’s next.

So…what do you say?