Day 17: Italy to Bracelona

Dateline: Barcelona, SPAIN - April 26

Day 16: Somewhere in Europe

Dateline: Santa Margherita Ligure - April 25

The European Leg Has Begun...

Dateline: April 24 – Milano, Italy

Bongiorno from Milano…
Hello all, we arrived in Milan after our rather odd flight path from Abu Dhabi yesterday afternoon. Teams were given the day off even though we arrived mid-afternoon at our hotel the Westin Palace here in Italy.

Transition Day to someplace new....

April 23 – Transition Day: Abu Dhabi to another continent?

One Minute Interviews from the Road


Marhaba from Abu Dhabi

Dateline: Abu Dhabi, UAE – 21 April 2015

It is day 10 of our 23 day around the world event and we have settled in a dry heat here in the Emirates.

A lot has occurred since we last reported in yesterday from the airport lounge…

First off, we arrived in Abu Dhabi last evening around 11:00PM local time picking up four hours of time from our Bali destination. Meaning that we were all extremely tired after 10 hours flying on two flights. But we made it and are fully ensconced in our new surroundings.

Transition Day - Flying to another part the world!

Hello All -

Good afternoon from a nondescript airport lounge at KLIA--Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL). I am using the business center computer as we have yet to replace ours. Soon though...

Bali - Day 3

Greetings Again -

Waiting for teams to ckeck-in...

The Bali Team Photo...(aka the before picture!)

Bali Hai - Day 2

Dateline: Ubud, INDONESIA - April 18

Hello All and Good Morning to you.

Just another Saturday night here in sleepy, artsy, balmy Ubud...we are sort of back on-line now after a tricky 24-hours in the dark thanks to Rainey and Ian. Thank you both for helping us in our time of technological need after a little setback. 

Bali Bliss - Day 1

Dateline: Bali, INDONESIAN - Friday, April 17th 


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