The India Leg has

Thursday April 24 –  

India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural heritage, a highly developed one in an advanced state of decay.” ― Shashi Tharoor

Ladies & Gentlemen we have a wedding!

Congratulations to Mr.& Mrs. Travis & April Knight...

We Are Still India

Wednesday April 23 – The 2014 Event’s Half-Way Point!

We have made the turn and are officially on the back nine. I know this because I just did my laundry in the shower, meaning that I was out of suitable clean clothes. ..

Breakfast at the Taj Mahal

Dateline: New Delhi, India - Tuesday April 22

Good morning from India…o-dark-thirty here as we catch the 6:15AM train #12002 (aka the Bhopal Shatabdi Express) to Agra and a breakfast date with the always majestic Taj Mahal!

This is the only mandatory scavenge teams have in India, and of course I could not let my not son see the Taj. My daughter will have to wait until she comes on her own one day soon…

India Ho!

Monday April 21 –

We arrived in India

Sunday April 20 – Happy Easter

Hello all. It has been a long day repositioning ourselves to India for an arduous Par 7 leg; the most difficult ever in the history of this event! We are tired and it is after 1:00AM here and it is too late to blog tonight.

So, just know that everyone is safe and tucked away at a great hotel here in Delhi. We meet tomorrow at 10:00AM to be begin this leg and we will have results for the South Korean leg too.

More later…


Rajasthan here we come...

Saturday April 19 – 11:59PM Seoul Time

A lot of Traveling Souls in Seoul

Friday, April 18 – 11:15PM Seoul Time

Thursday, April 17 - late night edition from Seoul

Annyeonghaseyo to all our friends!

After successfully navigating Incheon International Airport’s (ICN) Fever Scanner Screening stations, we officially entered South Korea. Sadly, amidst a terrible ferry accident that has tragically taken the lives of too many South Korean teenagers. Our hearts are with South Korea today…a truly sad day here.

We are repositioning again

Wednesday, April 16 (11:15PM (JST)

A busy day here in Japan: from morning fish market auctions and the ancient city of Nara or history of Hiroshima, to the dazzle of Osaka’s subterranean night life. Today was full of site-doing.

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