The Walls Come Tumbling Down...

A piece in Huff Po today...we needed a click-bait photo!


2015 Invite

Our 2015 Slide Show....enjoy.

The Highways in The Sky

Amazing ballet of the highways in the sky...

The World's Greatest Travelers for 2014 are?

Saturday May 3 – Day 23

The 2014 travel world championship is over.

the mad dash in Chicago

Teams are up and at em here in Chicago already out and about on the last day of the world travel championship The Global Scavenger Hunt. n

It is all about second place with one point seperating the two postions. Here is the after Euro Leader Board.

We will have more to report later today.

Alive in Chicago

Friday Night Update – May 2

We arrived in Chicago at our hotel around 9:00PM CT…4:00AM by our clocks.

Heading to Chicago!

Friday, 2 May...noonish CET

EVERYONE arrived safe and sound at our 11:00AM rally leg check in here in Krakow, Poland.

We are now all bound for Chicago and should be arriving around dinner time from Warsaw.

Krakow Bound...the homestrech at last!

Thursday May 1 – Day 21

Hello All -

We have regained consciousness after an amazing adventure over the last few days with our travelers here and there spread out across Central Europe…and us nestled sweetly in among the vineyards of the Wachau Valley with good friends.

Dateline: Highway en route to!

Good morning all...or good evening, whatever.

Road officials are on their way to Austria...other teams on their way to Vienna and Slovakia today, and we heard Liechenstein too! (Good luck with that bridge too far...) One team is on a side heritage roots tour looking for long lost relatives. Good luck all...

Thank you again to all the folks at the Hilton Budapest Castle Hotel ...we wish every property was so warm and wonderful. You should be proud of your service. Thank you all.

Travelers Found and Running Amok Through Central Europe

Dateline: Budapest, HUNGARY - Monday April 28 – Day 18

Time…what a mental construct.

Where to begin? We are ALL here in Budapest. I just sat and listened to stories of woe while sharing a few Pilsner Urquell’s and G ‘n T’s with the lost tribe of The Global Scavenger Hunt who just arrived from Dubai--24 hours late. They are all in good spirits and humor. Good travelers know random stuff happens and you complain, moan or groan and the uncontrollable random inevitability of it, or roll with the punches. They were all true champs.

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