A lot of Traveling Souls in Seoul

Friday, April 18 – 11:15PM Seoul Time

Thursday, April 17 - late night edition from Seoul

Annyeonghaseyo to all our friends!

After successfully navigating Incheon International Airport’s (ICN) Fever Scanner Screening stations, we officially entered South Korea. Sadly, amidst a terrible ferry accident that has tragically taken the lives of too many South Korean teenagers. Our hearts are with South Korea today…a truly sad day here.

We are repositioning again

Wednesday, April 16 (11:15PM (JST)

A busy day here in Japan: from morning fish market auctions and the ancient city of Nara or history of Hiroshima, to the dazzle of Osaka’s subterranean night life. Today was full of site-doing.

Day Four: Japan

Kangei...Welcome to Japan.

Okay, recap and some tidbits.

Kangei from the Land of the Rising Sun

...and boy did dawn come early this morning!

Happy Birthday Pamela....

...a quick breakfast layover in Hong Kong then onward to sushi dinner in Osaka. 

So, Happy Birthday actually get a full days worth this year and in two countries too boot!

Love you, 

Bill, Lucca & Petra (and Barney too)

We are off to....

Teams all checked in at 5PM after an exhilarating day of site-doing here in Vancouver. Smiles, tired feet, stories to tell already…

Saturday in the Park...

Good Morning All -

The 2014 Tribe of Travelers

Welcome all!

We have yet another great around the world travel adventure competition in store for you over the next three weeks. So, let us begin...

Twas the night before...

Twas the night before....well, it is the night before the 2014 travel world championships start in Vancouver, Canada! Teams are assembling from various destinations and flying into YVR in order to meet up at the starting gate tomorrow at 4PM (16:00) for the start of The Global Scavenger Hunt—the 10th anniversary of the annual around the world travel adventure competition that ultimately crowns The World's Greatest Travelers™.

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