The After Photo ++

We are cleaning all the chips in cameras and have some video to post below...and maybe more will come my way?

Also down below are the blog links of the teams that blogged. (Everyone starts out with good, noble daily blogging intentions that are eventually sabatoged by their active involvment in the world...)

And finally, you will have to dig down in the blog roo to find the "Before" photo taken 23 days earlier...but here is our graduating class of 2015 team photo. Congrats all!

The World's Greatest Travelers of 2015 are...

The end is near…of the adventure that is. 

Day 23 - The Travel World Championship comes to an end in Miami today

Good Morning from Miami.

Leaving Colombia - Day 22

Dateline: Day 22 – May 1 – Saying good Bye to Cartagena

Horse Carriages, Humidity and Fun in Colombia


Transition Day...we are off to?

Dateline: On a Flight between Barcelona and Bogota – April 28 – Day 19 

Another Day in Paradise

Dateline: Barcelona – April 27 – Day 18 of The Global Scavenger Hunt

Day 17: Italy to Bracelona

Dateline: Barcelona, SPAIN - April 26

Day 16: Somewhere in Europe

Dateline: Santa Margherita Ligure - April 25

The European Leg Has Begun...

Dateline: April 24 – Milano, Italy

Bongiorno from Milano…
Hello all, we arrived in Milan after our rather odd flight path from Abu Dhabi yesterday afternoon. Teams were given the day off even though we arrived mid-afternoon at our hotel the Westin Palace here in Italy.
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