Bali Hai - Day 2

Dateline: Ubud, INDONESIA - April 18

Hello All and Good Morning to you.

Just another Saturday night here in sleepy, artsy, balmy Ubud...we are sort of back on-line now after a tricky 24-hours in the dark thanks to Rainey and Ian. Thank you both for helping us in our time of technological need after a little setback. 

(To Whom it May Concern...To the people who may be in possession of our stuff. We don't care about the money. We don't care about the credit cards you can't use. We don't care about the passports you can't use. We don't care about the comfort items. We don't even care about the technology. We do care about our photos--they really mean sonething to us. And that we would ike back! That and that unuseable drivers license. We won't say please because, well, you know what you did was wrong. But if you have any humanity deep within you....return the photos.)


First off...the event has heated up here in Bali, on this grueling Par 5. A Par 5 because not only is it a little unpredictible getting to and fro; but aos because there are several serious Bonus points to complete effectively and be had here. Teams can complete four BIG Bonus scavenges and that might throw everything upside down depending on how greedy some nteams get trying to acquire them. Should be interesting to see if the Sydney Sisters can keep winning legs or can those teams nipping at their heals finally break on through and win a leg. A big Par 5 leg...stay tuned. Teams will report back in tomorrow (Sunday) night at 6:00PM. Good luck all.

Official Leader Board after Leg 2. 

Happy belated anniversary to Captian Marvel and PI Baby...this is their 4th anniversary celebrated on The Global Scavenger Hunt and by all accounts they did it up right last night. 

We know at least two teams headed out long before dawn today--what we call 0-dark thirty--to climb a volcanic mountian (Mount Batur). We know some got lost in the Monkey Forest. We know some were reported riding elephants and some joined a pilgrimage at the Bali's Mother Temple (Pura Besakih) with a cast of thousands. 

This is the second time The Global Scavenger Hunt has visited Indonesia and we were last here in 2012. Indonesia is an exotic and enticing destination for the world travel championship because it is so diverse, so big, so rural, and oh so fun to travel through. The people are wonderful. The landscapes unique and the transportation system so, well, so almost non-exsistent compared to the urban uptopia that was Melbourne. It is a test to surive the heat, humidity and just trying to navigate this place. But it is also a thrilling and exciting environment beacuse there is just so much to see and do...and we of course emphasis the do. 

Sadly, it may still be a few days before we can get any team photos and videos up on the site due to our setback. But here is a little of what some of our teams saw these last two days. 

Traditional life...

Artistry galore...

Uncomman Hosptality

Stealing, miscevious and seriously entertaining Monkeys...

Beauty in the shade of green...

A Lot to do...we do call our scavengers site-doing for reason!

Rice paddies...every green shade of rice paddies...

Wonderful, warm and engaging people.

We will have more after check-in tomorrow...Cheers.

Bali Bliss - Day 1

Dateline: Bali, INDONESIAN - Friday, April 17th 


Greetings from Ubud. We arrived rather late at hotel due to mechical maintenance issues. The plane was broke!

Teams slept in and enjoyed a great refreshing breakfast here at Komaneka Hotel in Ubud. 

We met 11:30am to reveal Melbourne leg results and set them out on thier 3 day (Par 5) Balianese scavenges. l 

No surprise heren that the Sydney Sisters won the home court Australian leg. Congrats ladies forn two conviencing leg wins in a row. In second place was Birds and Buns followed by Lawyers with Borders, Hello World and Savvy Scavengers. 

The overall leader board has the Sydney Sisters in first with 5 points (like gulf low is best!), followed by Lawyers withyout Borders and Buns and Birds. 

Note: Please forgive this curt and cryptic short posting as the Road Officials "football" with all computers, cameras, photos, paperwork, passports and other stuff has gone missing. We are hoping not stolen and have an APB out for, we will try and have more later.  

Bali Bound

Hello All  -

A quick transtional report...

All teams reported in at the check-in deadline thrilled with their quick visit of Melbourne. Travel war stories quickly ensued and tales of woe and fortune were exchanged by all. Peer Review assignments were made and teams prepared for a 2:00PM wheels up transfer to the airport. 

Upon arrival at the airport we were summarily informed of a 3-hour flight delay of our Denpasar, Indonesia flight due to mechanical difficulties--that means the "equipment" needs to be "maintained". In auto jargon we would simply say the car is in the broke and needs fixing! But that is not how they report things in the airline industry.  Subtafuge is important as Orwell informed us in 1984. My friend calls it symantic corruption. 

Neverthess, we have 3 hours to kill at MEL (Melbourne International)...a few opted for sushi, a few greasy foods to sop up the suds from the night before and few opted for paninis. Good sandwichs are hard to come by. We noticed that the volume of the terminal increased as the delay carried on...more beer was the rally call by the time we boarded. 

We have a six hour flight due north across the Austrlian continent to the country of Indonesia...and the tropical island that is Bali. Upon landing we then have an hour drive up the volcanic and rice terraced countryside to the village of Ubud. A real juxtaposition from big city urban Melbourne. Things will be different here. 

We will post Leg 2 (easy Par 2) scorces in the morning after teams head out on their Balinese scavenges. We will explain more about the leg also tomorrow and are sure to have photos and videos to share too. 

Stay tuned and wish us luck on the broken plane. (Hope the mechanic is well-certified!)...


Melbourne - Day 2

DATELINE: Melbourne, Australia - April 16th, 2015

Good Morning all. We had a fanatstic weather day here yesterday and it was wonderful to experience the city.

We expect to see all the teams in about 5 hours from now at the noon local time check in. This is just a quick taste of Australia to be sure and should leave everyone wanting more. Like a good chef, we create this event thinking of plating our compeitors great bites of places...some are bigger than others though. But each is different and unique.

So until we see everyone and give them their 4-hour notice, we have nothing to report...but here are some photos to tide you over. Enjoy.

Our Hotel in Melbourne...

The March of the style...

Had to sample some local brews...had too!

Hope no one got lost?

We like.

Savvy Scavengers getting Peer Reviewed by Lawyesr without Borders...

Wheels are taking over the world...make them stop!

More later....

Good Day M...naw, not gonna do it! April 15th - Australia


Dateline: MELBOURNE, Australia -

We are in Melbourne, Australia. Teams arrived before the witching hour last evening and by all accounts everyone slept well in their The Langham, Melbourne hotel beds.

Road Officials worked on the score sheets well into the night after the Peer Reviews were conducted, arbitrating proof issues or tough scoring concerns. Is a frog an animal?

Three Take Aways from the Fiji Leg:

ONE: We have a serious competition with travelers eager to fight for The World’s Greatest Travelers trophy.  Six teams worked hard enough and serious enough, as we saw it, to thrive over the next 20 days and challenge for the crown. And the number of scavenges comnpleted by elite teams tells us we have the right combination of Bonus, Mandatory and Optional scavenges.

TWO: It is good to have the Sydney Sisters back. The bridesmaids of 2012 are serious contenders and happy travelers to be around. They are proven bona fide contenders that bring creativity and fun to the completion of scavenges.

THREE: This year’s course and destinations in unlike any other year and it will be super challenging for all to overcome the marathon-like conditions of mileage and unique blend of types of destinations. So far, southern hemisphere, south pacific paradise resort destination with intra-island transport systems, now urban safari time on the Australian continent.

Okay, without further ado…the Leg One (Par 3) placing of our teams can be see here (Official Leader Board), and are as follows:
Sydney Sisters (Fiona & Katrina): earned 1,805 points completing 42 scavenges;

Tatakau Brothers (Ben & Jordan): earned 1,585 points completing 39 scavenges;

Lawyers without Borders (Zoe & Rainey): earned 1,575 points completing 39 scavenges;
Buns & Bird (Tania & Mickey): earned 1,560 points completing 39 scavenges;
Hello World (Alan & Michael): earned 1,025 points completing 28 scavenges;

Savvy Scavengers! (Tamyra & Kate):  earned 975 points completing 30 scavenges;
NOLA Second Line (Betty & Jim): earned 430 points completing 16 scavenges;
Captain Marvel & PI Baby (Michael & Nita): earned well, less points….

39 scavenges done by half the teams says that was the sweet spot. But completing key Bonus scavenges, time-management, being creative and having fun were the difference at the top of the leader board as several teams completed roughly the same amount of scavenges. So creativity sometimes reigns when that happens…sometimes it is the difference between swimming with a turtle in the deep blue sea after a five hour boat ride and having fun with a stuffy in the pool!

So then this Melbourne leg (an easy Par 2) will be but a quick 30 hour urban safari where everything works and functions effectively. Clearly, the Sydney Sisters have the first home field advantage ever in this event. But it will be a short one. Check-in deadline is set for noon tomorrow (Thursday) and then we are off again…

I will get rid of all the Australian clichés right now in one paragraph: pubs & grub; sun, sand and seafood; Good Day; home of the Uggs; The Aussie Big Three: Sydney Opera House, Ayers Rock and Great Barrier Reef; throw another shrimp on the Barbie; laid-back vibe; down-to-earth casual…okay all done. Melbourne is a big urban city dealing like all urban cities with 21st century challenges. Although they are doing it rather well compared to all the others in the world and that is probably why Melbourne always ranks 1 or 2 in the world’s best quality of life cities. We are now going out for a short 26 hours to see why…
Photos and videos to follow…

Pamela thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes although the early morning wake up calls from America…well woke us up!


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