Teams are packing!

Team are getting ready...look how BIG there bags are?! Meet the SAVVY Scavengers!

A BIG Thank You to our 2015 Official Travel Suppliers!

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

Our travelers all love their official 2015 event gear and are packing for their around the world adventure...that begins in about 6 days!

Eagle Creek

Columbia Sportswear


Thank you all...our travelers move about globally more comfortably with your fine products!


A week to go...are we all ready to make some history?

Hello All -

We have to start getting into the blogging groove, so today I thought I would start with some photos.

And here arre a few photos from years gone by...and my how time flies!

From humble beginnings way back in 2002...our first! But some familiar faces...

In 2004 in India...we make friends everywhere!

In 2005...eating always at great places.

In 2008...after a brief baby hiatus, we are back in exotic locales!

In 2009...we kept our bearings--full-speed ahead!

In was a very good year!

And 2011...was even better! (PS Who's the dude that obviously can't dance?)

2012 was great fun with some old friends...and new ones too!

2013 mixed some youth and experence...somehow we all made it home alive!

2014 had some familiar faces as we celebrated our 10th anniversary...amazing!

What will 2015 hold in store for us...someything unique I am sure.

BTW...I will leave comments page open for 36 hours after each posting...but then will close it down sadly due to spam.

2015 Invite

Our 2015 Slide Show....enjoy.

The Highways in The Sky

Amazing ballet of the highways in the sky...