Bali - Day 3

Greetings Again -

Waiting for teams to ckeck-in...

The Bali Team Photo...(aka the before picture!)

Bali - Day 3

Greetings Again -

Waiting for teams to ckeck-in...

The Bali Team Photo...(aka the before picture!)

Bali - Day 3

Greetings Again -

Waiting for teams to ckeck-in...

The Bali Team Photo...(aka the before picture!)

Bali Hai - Day 2

Dateline: Ubud, INDONESIA - April 18

Hello All and Good Morning to you.

Just another Saturday night here in sleepy, artsy, balmy Ubud...we are sort of back on-line now after a tricky 24-hours in the dark thanks to Rainey and Ian. Thank you both for helping us in our time of technological need after a little setback. 

(To Whom it May Concern...To the people who may be in possession of our stuff. We don't care about the money. We don't care about the credit cards you can't use. We don't care about the passports you can't use. We don't care about the comfort items. We don't even care about the technology. We do care about our photos--they really mean sonething to us. And that we would ike back! That and that unuseable drivers license. We won't say please because, well, you know what you did was wrong. But if you have any humanity deep within you....return the photos.)


First off...the event has heated up here in Bali, on this grueling Par 5. A Par 5 because not only is it a little unpredictible getting to and fro; but aos because there are several serious Bonus points to complete effectively and be had here. Teams can complete four BIG Bonus scavenges and that might throw everything upside down depending on how greedy some nteams get trying to acquire them. Should be interesting to see if the Sydney Sisters can keep winning legs or can those teams nipping at their heals finally break on through and win a leg. A big Par 5 leg...stay tuned. Teams will report back in tomorrow (Sunday) night at 6:00PM. Good luck all.

Official Leader Board after Leg 2. 

Happy belated anniversary to Captian Marvel and PI Baby...this is their 4th anniversary celebrated on The Global Scavenger Hunt and by all accounts they did it up right last night. 

We know at least two teams headed out long before dawn today--what we call 0-dark thirty--to climb a volcanic mountian (Mount Batur). We know some got lost in the Monkey Forest. We know some were reported riding elephants and some joined a pilgrimage at the Bali's Mother Temple (Pura Besakih) with a cast of thousands. 

This is the second time The Global Scavenger Hunt has visited Indonesia and we were last here in 2012. Indonesia is an exotic and enticing destination for the world travel championship because it is so diverse, so big, so rural, and oh so fun to travel through. The people are wonderful. The landscapes unique and the transportation system so, well, so almost non-exsistent compared to the urban uptopia that was Melbourne. It is a test to surive the heat, humidity and just trying to navigate this place. But it is also a thrilling and exciting environment beacuse there is just so much to see and do...and we of course emphasis the do. 

Sadly, it may still be a few days before we can get any team photos and videos up on the site due to our setback. But here is a little of what some of our teams saw these last two days. 

Traditional life...

Artistry galore...

Uncomman Hosptality

Stealing, miscevious and seriously entertaining Monkeys...

Beauty in the shade of green...

A Lot to do...we do call our scavengers site-doing for reason!

Rice paddies...every green shade of rice paddies...

Wonderful, warm and engaging people.

We will have more after check-in tomorrow...Cheers.

Bali Bliss - Day 1

Dateline: Bali, INDONESIAN - Friday, April 17th 


Greetings from Ubud. We arrived rather late at hotel due to mechical maintenance issues. The plane was broke!

Teams slept in and enjoyed a great refreshing breakfast here at Komaneka Hotel in Ubud. 

We met 11:30am to reveal Melbourne leg results and set them out on thier 3 day (Par 5) Balianese scavenges. l 

No surprise heren that the Sydney Sisters won the home court Australian leg. Congrats ladies forn two conviencing leg wins in a row. In second place was Birds and Buns followed by Lawyers with Borders, Hello World and Savvy Scavengers. 

The overall leader board has the Sydney Sisters in first with 5 points (like gulf low is best!), followed by Lawyers withyout Borders and Buns and Birds. 

Note: Please forgive this curt and cryptic short posting as the Road Officials "football" with all computers, cameras, photos, paperwork, passports and other stuff has gone missing. We are hoping not stolen and have an APB out for, we will try and have more later.