Day 10: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Sunday, 22 April 2018 – Day 10: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (17.9318° S, 25.8256° E)

Mauya from Zimbabwe…and Mosi-oa-Tunya “the smoke that thunders”…also known as Victoria Falls. We have repositioned our game board heading south-west across Africa to Zimbabwe.

The falls…

We are staying in the Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) & Livingstone (Zambia) metro area…where about 180,000+ live in this tourism-dominated area. We will be here for four nights, staying for the most part, at the Batonka Guest Lodge a wonderfully welcoming boutique hotel here on the Zimbabwe side of the Zambezi River. Did I mention great staff!

Our yard at the Batonka…drinks at 6 on the veranda…

Old Business: we have gone over all the peer reviewed ADD Leg (Par 2) scores…
6th Buckeye Terriers
5th  Team Tuna
4th Leo & the Crab
3rd NOLA Seconline
2nd Sonoma County Strong
1st SLO Folks who completed 22 scavenges in our short Addis Ababa visit. 

Overall leaders after three legs about a third (par 9 or 24 completed) …the overall top 3 teams are
3. Leo & the Crab = 29
2. Sonoma County Strong = 18
1. SLO FOlks = a perfect three for three with 9

Three Things I Learned from the Ethiopian Leg: People want to go back and see the country side more, including: the rock-etched underground churches of Lalibela, muraled monasteries, castles of Gondar, and the so-called “cruelest place on Earth”—the Danakil Depression; It is probably politically incorrect of me to report, but you either love it or hate it…some call it one of the world’s worst cuisines, along with, in my humble opinion, the foods of Nepali, Russian, England and Israeli cuisines…but Ethiopian food surely ranks in my book. (Haters don’t hate!)

let’s keep it rolling on…

New Business:

Zimbabwe will be a busy difficult long Par 5… 3 1/2 full days of scavenges, sometimes in rather remote areas…more about Bonus scavenges here than urban 25 point scavenges….it is about safari…seeing nature…maybe visiting 4 countries too! And there is something for everyone here too: Thrill-seekers, adrenaline-pumping activities galore, hub for white-water rafting, bungee-jumping, zip-lining, safari, helicopter rides, bridge swing, Devil’s Pool, at the very edge
– they have a hotel here for 4 nights, but most will take a day pack & explore overnight on safari for a night, or two!

VFA leg check-in will be 9:00PM on Wednesday, April 25…

Among the 5 Bonuses, 3 Team Challenges, 40 other scavenges
-visit the world’s only four nation-state Quadripoint
-Botswana’s Chobe National Park
-Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park
-Victoria Falls sunrise
-go river rafting on the Zambezi River—watch out for tigerfish!

It is gin and tonic time…and I love African sunsets…more tomorrow from some other country…we are in Africa!