Day 14: Johannesburg, South Africa

Thursday, 26 April 2018 – Day 14: Johannesburg, South Africa (26.2041° S, 28.0473° E)

Sawubona from South Africa…we repositioned this morning from Zimbabwe about an hour south to Johannesburg. We are heading further and further deep into Africa! (How will we get out?)

Old Business: First we have to close the books on our last Leg, a difficult Par 5. The scores…
5th Buckeyed Terriers
4th Leo & The Crab
3rd Team Tuna
2nd NOLA Secondline
1st SLO Folks for their 4th straight leg win…they ate the most, did the most and laughed the most!

Overall now, the leaders after four legs about a third (Par 14 or 24 completed)…the overall top 3 teams are:
3. NOLA Secondline = 55
2. Team Tuna = 53
1. SLO Folks = a perfect low 14

Three Things I learned from the Zimbabwe-Zambia Leg: Africa is full of smiles and people wanting to sincerly know you and help you if need be—when you leave it is people encounters you remember most; critters and nature remain the key attraction despite mandmade diversions running amok; and I want to come again.

Teams had a ball…and finally, I have a few photos to share:

Teams figuring out border detials: Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana & Namibia

Half of SLO Folks about to do something to do with big elastics…

Small World story: SLO Folks run into friends from home, while away! What are the chances?

Leaving the Batonka Guest Lodhe in Vic Falls…thank you all!

Welcome to Soweto

We turn the page here in South Africa with a short 1:00PM till 9:00PM leg; we call them layover challenges.

8-Hour Layover Challenge:
J’burg Edition
lay•over  \ ‘lā-, ō-vәr \ noun (1873) – STOPOVER n (1885): a period spent by a passenger at an intermediate point in waiting for a transportation connection; a brief halt in a journey caused by scheduling in the course of a journey; a short stop in a long journey, especially one between airplane flights; free time between flights spent in an airport hub—and to be avoided like the plague.

Alas…despite best laid plans…we had to call an audible in J’burg. Seems the day before departing Victoria Falls I was unceremoniously notified that our airline took it upon itself to unilaterally change our flight departure time from a morning one to an afternoon flight. We finally arrived at JNB after 3:00PM! We simply did not have time to do all the things we wanted to accomplish in South Africa due to our upending flight schedule change. So, we went out to eat and drank and swap travel war stories two weeks into the event.

On a side note: we certainly have dug ourselves a geographic hole here coming all the way to South Africa, very far from everything and everywhere else. Where is next for us? Time will tell as we have a morning to catch to… reposition to someplace else!?