Day 15: Repositioning from Here to There

Friday, 27 April 2018 – Day 15: Continental Transition Day

It may appear easy…getting from here to there; but getting from Africa to South America is really not easy. In the age of connectivity, one would think there would be a multitude of flight options connecting the two Southern hemisphere continents. You would be wrong. There are in fact, very few flights connecting the two continents. BTW: Even more scarce are flights between South America and Asia–good luck with that one!

A couple travel-related observations…

Odd how since we left SFO and the USA two weeks ago, have traveled on seven flights and moved through eight airports—sometimes twice!—we as a group have yet to see any emotional support animals anywhere?! Wonder if having one is a strictly First World concern—or, just an American thang?

And this is indeed a paradox, but maybe it is just my odd perspective? But isn’t it odd that Men traveling first class tend to weigh more than those in economy, while for women the reverse is true.

Anyway…we will be in Buenos Aires when we next post…stay tuned.