Day 17: Somewhere in The NETHERLANDS

Sunday, 30 April 2017 – Day 17: Amsterdam, The NETHERLANDS (52.3702° N, 4.8952° E)

Good Morning…

Brief recap before I get on the EuroStar to London. Teams were given their Euro Scavenge book last night, allowed to do reserach and strategize, but barred from doing anything until 7:01AM this morning. (They must take a selfie in the hotel lobby under the clock as their first Euro photo proof!) They have to do sets of site-doing scavenges in at least four countries–and as many as eight–between Brussels and check-in deadline on Wednesday night at 10:00PM in Dublin.

Needless to say, they are off and running as I write this at 5PMish local time. We saw three teams in Brussels this morning: YoloGoNow, NOLA 2nd Line and Long Gone.

One-Minute Interview with Long Gone.

One-Minute Interview with NOLA 2nd Line.

Brussels is a funny place…a great place to visit. But it is odd that Manneken-Pis – aka ‘Pissing Boy’ Petit Julien is the #1 tourist attraction.?!

Euro 2015 iphone 037 Euro 2015 iphone 016
Euro 2015 iphone 048 Euro 2015 iphone 031
Personally, we like the beers…
But we love meeting old friends as we travel the world…a friend in every port! (Oops)

Petra - GE2008 (707)
Beautiful Amsterdam…

grey day in amsterdam city

The fields are aglow…

We are off to London. Will touch base tomrrow from the Queen’s City.