Day 20: Liverpool, ENGLAND

Wednesday, 3 May 2017 – Day 20: Liverpool, ENGLAND (53.4084° N, 2.9916° W)

It’s been a hard day’s night…or two…or three…

2013 Petra Ireland & England (67) 2013 Petra Ireland & England (66)
Liverpoolian graffiti…

Actually, we are now in Dublin and it is 7:10PM; Liverpool was so this morning.

We are starting to see teams…YOLOGoNow first, then NOLA 2nd Line, then SLO Folks then Team Ying. I suspect all the teams are in Dublin, just not at our comfy The Gibson Hotel, yet. We can wait three hours for that.

Some quick photos that have come across the wireless…

NOLA 2nd Line being Irish…

Team Ying on the move…

SLO Folks being Vikings…

(Just realized we have a hat theme going on here?!)
Traveling Snitches in Cambridge

Okay…so, in Dublin awaiting our 10:00PM Check in deadline…think the Ringmaster has a final surprise for all. Stay tuned.