Day 21: Cruise to St. Petersburg, Russia

Thursday, 5 May 2016 – Day 21:  St. Petersburg, Russia

Happy Cinco de Mayo…from Russia!

Okay, sorry, we have been off-the-grid a few days. A funny thing happened in Helsinki…we got a night ferry to St. Petersburg, Russia and were able to enter, the difficult (and usually expensive) country to enter of Russia, under a grandfathered old diplomatic clause that allows passengers sailing on the exclusive St. Peter Line visa-free access to Russia–for 72 hours. A hole in the world of nation-state diplomatic and bureaucratic paperwork that we eagerly crawled thru…

Well, crawled is a strong word when you are drinking cold Russian vodka while downing spoonfuls of Russian Osetra caviar onboard a cruise ship watching the Russians play Finland in the 2016 Ice Hockey World Championship aboard the SS Princess Maria. Don’t pity us…

But I regress…teams have been spotted everywhere between Warsaw and Helsinki–Tallinn seems to be the hot spot! But some have diverged from the tribe and headed to Oslo…some flew (makes me sad) and some have not (makes me happy). But rest assured that everyone is accounted for…and our official check-in is tomorrow at 11:30AM in our Helsinki hotel, the Hilton Strand.

We, and a few other of our travelers (part of Perfect Strangers and Girls Gone World), had a great day here in St Petersburg. We all want to return to this historic and cosmopolitan city by the sea.

Here are some photos from the Baltics:
warsaw 1

Alexander’s Column, St Petersburg

Peterhof fountian - St Petersburg
Peterhof Fountain St Petersburg

Savior of the Blood Church, St Petersburg

The Winter Palace, St Petersburg
Wendy of T3 celebrating Cinco de Mayo…sampling vodkas!?
Yes, that is a Michelangelo at the Hermitage!

The Red throne room…Hermitage.
Lucky Rainey swimming in Baltic…anything for points!

Savannah of SOCA Warriors with new friend.

Zoe & her victory climb
The orthodox domes of the Baltics  

More later…but check in is 11:30AM tomorrow and then we head for Washington D.C. and the crowning of the The World’s Greatest Travelers.

BTW…we already miss the Traveling Tridents!