Day 22: Iceland to NYC bound…

Friday, 5 May 2017 – Day 22: Reykjavik, ISLAND (64.1265° N, 21.8174° W)

Good afternoon from Iceland…since leaving the teams to fend for themselves using their wile, Travel IQ and event acquired travel confidence, we have seen all the teams, except for one: the Flying Snitches. But we know they are out there somewhere…

Funny bumping into teams here and, mostly there in Iceland; from Gullfoss, to Geysir, and from Thingville to busy Laugavegur street. And then milling about pubs too…
YOLOGoNow + SLO Folks caught…

On arrival at FEF…almost home!

So, just a few more hours until we board our final event flight back to JFK, a few final days in New York City and the crowning of The World’s Greatest Travelers.

But, old business, we have to close the books on the difficult long Par 6 Euro-leg. Scorces have been reviewed, the math added and re-checked, hotel bills reviewed, search histories scanned, drive-by’s deducted, hotel receipts calculated and GreatEscape Foundation receipts tallied:

Tied for 8th place with no scorce sheets handed in are: NOLA 2nd Line and Long Gone.
In 7th place were the Traveling Bohemians.
In 6th place, enjoying Amsterdam and London a little too much were the Flying Snitches.
In 5th place, completing 5 Bonuses and almost 60 Euro scavenges were Thundersnow.
In a 4th place comeback, working the terrian strategically completing 6 Bonuses and almost 70 scavenges, YOLOGoNow.
In 3rd place, always consistent, always fun, completing 6 Bonuses and just over 80 Scavenges and earning over 4,400 points are SLO Folks,
In 2nd place, completing 6 BIG point-ladden Bosnues and almost 90 scavenges earning 4,900 points are TSA Precheck Yourself.
And that means, in 1st place, and the hallmark of consistency, completing over 100 scavenges in four days across four countries (Belgium, the Netherlands, England and Ireland), Team Ying earning over 5,400 points.

Congrats to all, and that means:
In third place are SLO Folks,
In 2nd place is TSA Precheck Yourself.
and in 1st Place heading to New York City’s finish line are Team Ying.


See you all again in New York…we have the Blue Lagoon to visit.