Day 21: Reykjavik, ISLAND

Thursday, 4 May 2017 – Day 21: Reykjavik, ISLAND (64.1265° N, 21.8174° W)

Góðan daginn from the land of fire and ice…cod and Miss World’s (they all now work for Icelandic Air). This is our last quick stop before we crown The World’s Greatest Travelers in New York City on Saturday. And it was a curve ball for our travelers after just suriving a grueling 5 night Euro Par 6 leg.

We are here for one night at Fosshotel in downtown Reykavik, and our travelers are about to experience all four seasons in one day while here.

We will be leaving for New York tomorrow at 5PM and all the Teams will be meeting us at the KEF airport for that journey and our 4PM Check-in deadline. But until then, they have the run of the city and a the place where elves live–the countryside of Island.

It is not real cold here….but it is brrrr…and not like 41 in Sri Lanka either!

Old Business…the long Par 6 Europe leg results are not in yet…just too many scavenges to assess and too much math for a 2 1/2 hour flight…so soon we will let you know.

SO, one day last country Island, a 24-hour visit scavenger hunt. We were last here in 2009…

A quick Par 2 that they can both rent a car to get out and see the glorious nature that is Island: glaciers, geysers, rocks, waterfalls, rugged coasts…with 7 Bonuses and 33 other scavenges …odd food scavenges too. And they may also team up. Let’s see what are well-trained travelers do…

-visit the world’s first parliament
-whale sashimi, roasted puffin and aged sour shark
-possible sightings of the Aurora Borealis
-a dip (hot & cold) in one of the 18 public pools of Reykjavik
-a quick visit to the Phallological Museum

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ntil the sun goes down…