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We’ve evolved a lot over the years. Remember, we started this little annual around-the-world travel adventure back in 2001. That said, we (aka The Ringmaster) has had a lot to say about travel, and here at last, they are all in one place. Read ‘em and weep:

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How Many Countries are There? (Originally posted Oct 2018)

Travel Personalities Right for TGSH (Originally posted Oct 2018)

Oh, The Beauty We’ve Seen: 20 Must-See Art Pieces (Originally posted Sept 2018)

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Travel Skills: What it takes to WIN GSH? (Originally posted Feb 2017)

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Bad Things Do happen to Good People (Originally posted Mar 2016)

Too Connected When Your Travel? (Originally posted Sept 2015)

10 Politically Incorrect Travel Hacks (Originally posted Oct 2014)

Seven Amazing Sites You’ve Never Heard Of… (Originally posted July 2014)

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Foreign Affairs (Originally posted Dec 2013)

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Who Are The World’s Greatest Travelers? (Originally posted April 2013)

Good Travel Mates (Originally posted Mar 2013)

A Travel Addict’s Index to Higher Highs (Originally posted Oct 2012)

A Dirty Dozen Travel Myths (Originally posted Aug 2012)

Avoiding the Dreaded Jaded Traveler Syndrome (Originally posted July 2012)

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