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Welcome to our Shiny New Website!

WOW! It is amazing what the kids are doing these days with websites. You have got to love the technology of it all.

Welcome to globalscavengerhunt.com 3.0. I think back to our first site in 2000…and boy have we evolved and changed.

Our shiny new website took all summer to conceptualize and build. We have added a whole lot of features: new photos, new content, new videos, new maps, and we even have widgets to play with! We have the capacity to be more social and interactive than ever before. And we are excited and hope you are too.

Please look around…make comments…tell your friends. Help us get better too by letting us know if we have any bugs to work out. Or if you have any ideas for us…just say the word and we will yell “Kramer!”

Enjoy and stay tuned…we have some exciting news about 2016 coming soon!