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You came to to quench your curiosity about our little annual around the world travel adventure,
the world travel championship known as The Global Scavenger Hunt.

What you did not come to our website for is to have your privacy invaded by marketers, spammers, and anybody else trying to sell you stuff you don’t really need or want (notice no ads!);
or for someone to check into your web surfing and buying habits. We figure that if you want stuff, you’ll contact sellers directly and your personal habits are your own frankly.
So, protecting your privacy is as important to us, as it should be to you.

We believe that privacy isn’t something you should have to opt-out of–it is something that belongs to you until you give it up knowingly and willingly.
And who would do that?

At this time the only information collected from visitors to this site (aside from those that proactively submit an application to us to participate in The Global Scavenger Hunt™)
consists of standard user logs that reveal little other than number of visitors, page views and visit times.
NO other information is collected and NO cookies are added by us here at (that we know of any way!?).

Please take a moment to review our complete privacy pledge below:

“We at GEA, Inc., promise to respect your privacy
and will NOT sell any of your data to anyone. We
will also do our best to protect you from unwanted
sales people.”

Please note that if you do go to an affiliated website or link, a simple click away from us at, then that site may have a very different privacy policy
than we have—count on it in fact So please, be careful and check with the site that you visit as privacy protections fluctuate.
Thank you.

If you have any concerns, questions, or comments?
Please feel free to contact us.

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