2002 Event

The first world travel championship was scheduled for Oct 11, 2001!

Needless to say, due to the unanticipated and profoundly affecting global events of 9/11,
it was postponed…and our inaugural event was held in the spring of 2002.
2002 1
First stop…

2002 japan
FYI…this was the film era folks so photos are scarce…remember that!
Then Southeast Asia…
GE2002 (54)
Then the Middle East…
GE2002 (76)
The Italy…
GE2002 (37)
With the event up for grabs until we got to New York City…
2012 trophies
The Edmonton Boys placed second…
Intrepid travelers
All the winners were happy
GE2002 (28) edited
And a pair of great resourceful travelers win the first event:
Victoria R. & Joan H. crowned The World’s Greatest Travelers™ for 2002.
2002 winners