2008 Event

We took a two year hiatus to have a child…we named him Lucca.
Now we have a daughter named Petra and a son named Lucca–any guesses why?

We got a lot of pre-event media coverage for our 2008 event and took in over 260 event applications!
Sadly, we could only accommodate 15 teams. GreatEscape2008 was huge success and looked a little like this:

Starting from San Francisco…
To China
claire wall
GE2008 (757)
To Malaysian Peninsula
GE2008 (754)
GE2008 (281)
To Kathmandu
Nepal AAAAA edited
GE2008 (276)
2008 nepal edit
nepal e
small plane
To Egypt…
GE2008 Top 100 Family Photos (65)
2008 RWB 2008 Logo_edited-1
GE2008 (494)
GE2008 Top 100 Family Photos (73)
GSH in Greece
GE2008 (1259)
To the Balkans…
2008 1
GE2008 To teams edited
GE2009 (355)
GE2008 a
And to the crowning in Toronto…
GE2008 (1230)
2008 tshirt
Where two great travelers were crowned The World’s Greatest Travelers™ for 2008
GE2008 (1234)
Oh sad Toronto…
GE2008 (1255)