Our 2015 event had Lawyers without Borders defending their world travel championship title against a worthy bunch of competitors, including a pair of sisters from Down Under (aka The Sydney Sisters) that came in second in the 2012 event–and were determined to finally prevail.

Zoe & Rainey, defend champs and The World’s Greatest Travelers™ for 2015.

The teams gathered in Fiji for the first leg of the 10 country and 5-continent scavenger hunt.

A meditation into ancient fishing techniques…Fiji circa 2015.

Sydney Sisters…not in Sydney but in Melbourne!

A sleepy Koala…

A shy penguin…

Then we headed to Bali for four nights of playing…

Although it was hard to leave the hotel for some…

A truly funny elephant ride gone…wild. Thanks Jim!

Then off to the Middle East and Abu Dhabi…via Malaysia.

Yes, a gold machine ATM!

Ice skating in Abu Dhabi?!

Then off to the five day European Leg…but which route to take?

The things teams will do for points!?

Off to Colombia for the final international leg…and 4th continent!

And the finals in Miami…withe The World’s Greatest Traveler™ crown and trophy at stake!

The Sydney Sister win…bridesmaids no more….

Stay tuned for the next around the world travel adventure competition in 2016!