I used to pride myself decades ago that I could order a beer and get kissed in any language in any country…I can still order a beer anywhere. Even in a dry country. Today, I consider myself a cultured drinker.

Ain’t nothing like it…

Frankly, I could write a book about drinking abroad—a long book. (It’d be called “A Drunkalogue of Inebriated Travel.” Maybe not…) Please don’t judge me with this admission, but I do enjoy a good l’heure du cocktail, a cold beer and experiencing novel adult beverages around the world. Humans are just so ingenious and imaginative, we can make mind-altering substances out of just about anything when mania or melancholy moves us. I have indeed been lucky to have had both the opportunity to experience many of them, and an even stronger liver to have survived.
Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder…
It is said, that as many people drink to remember as to forget; whereas I drink to experience the scenery: the local scene, indigenous people celebrating life, transcendental sunsets, rooftop city views, history, passionate conversations, and so much more. And make no mistake, alcohol has magical socializing powers that can give your soul an enema; allowing for equal parts honesty, humor and therapeutic breakthroughs.
Lily (Yolo Go Now! 2017) contemplating her dubious good fortune in Belgium. 
When I think of 17 Global Scavenger Hunt’s to over 80 countries, I also think of all the chapters in that drinking book: Irish Pubs, Tapa Bars, German Beer Halls, Sports Bars, Hostess Clubs, Wine Cellar Bars, Karaoke Bars, Hotel Lounge Bars, Wine Regions of the World, Alehouses, Sandy Beach Bars, Islamic Permit Rooms, Legendary Bars, Russian Rumochnayas, Nightclubs, Live Music Joints, Taverns, Neighborhood Dive Bars, Japanese Izakayas, Cigar Bars, Brewery Tours, Rooftop Bars, Paris Cafés, The Ultimate Pub Crawl, Old Fashion Saloons, Alcohol Festivals of the World, High Concept Bars, Bourbon Street Fun, AA No-Go Zones, Rooftop/Sky bars, Best Bar Eats, Nostalgia Bars, Global Cocktail Scavenges, Bartender Roulette…we humans really like to drink and there’s simply too much to consider.
An Institute of Higher Consciousness…
Okay then…let’s cut to the chase and talk a little about drinking. Of course my lists are all subjective (I welcome your input), there are obviously no right or wrong’s here. That said…
Bottoms Up Wendy (T3, 2016)…
My Drinking Pet Peeves:
-serving fruit in a beer
-air-boozers who drink from wheels up to touch down
-drinkers that turn into Mr. Hyde
-any alcohol with snakes or worms in the bottle
-minibar rip-offs
-bar nibbles that cost a bloody fortune (I’m talking to you Italy!)
-loud drunks (especially patriotic ones)
-flavored craft beers
-any adult beverage served with a straw
-snobby drinkers who can’t be satisfied
-distilled liquors that actually taste like blind…
-people who order me shots I won’t drink. I am not 18, I don’t suffer peer pressure.
-never been a fan of Molotov cocktails!
Long Gone’s (2017) Geoff about to…
My Drinking Observations:
It’s true, it is always 5 o’clock somewhere.
The first sip of a cold beer is utterly sublime.
My sweet spot is between the 2nd and 3rd vodka martini. (But how to stay there is the paradox?)
People drink too much on vacation…it leads to Holiday Heart Syndrome.
A drinkers Infidelity Index rises with each additional round.
It seems beer and wine are the best social lubricants, whereas distilled drinks are best for ruminating alone.
Champagne makes everyone indulging silly.
I prefer soulful fun music over being surrounded by blaring TV monitors.
It’s best to have one glass of water per drink—other than beer of course.
Smartphones have significantly reduced the number of barroom disagreements.
Bartenders are usually not as smart or as insightful as they appear.
Tip: Always carry a piece of paper with your name on it. You never know
Frozen Polish Love Juice…
Great Drinking Cities:
Los Angeles
New York
New Orleans
A San Francisco Special…
Great International Bars I’ve Had Fun In:
High Five, Tokyo
Floreria Atlantico, Buenos Aires
Barchef, Toronto
28 Hongkong Street, Singapore
Gordon’s Wine Bar, London
El Floridita, Havana
Africa House Bar, Zanzibar
FCC, Phnom Penh
Rick’s café, Negril
King’s Head, Islington
Hofbräuhaus, Munich
The Rex, Ho Chi Minh City
My Favorite Beers of the World: (I prefer draught over bottle)
Leffe – Belgium
Guinness – Ireland
Weihenstephaner Vitus – Germany
Pilsner Urquell – Czech
Asahi Dry – Japan
Tiger Beer – Singapore
Bernard – Czech
Kronenbourg 1664 – France
San Miguel – Philippines
Dos Equis XX – Mexico
Molson Canadian – Canada

A Few of my Favorite Things…Belgium Edition. 

A Few of My Favorite Beverages:
A cold Tiger draught beer with salted-nuts in the hot afternoon sun.
A Bombay Sapphire gin n’ tonic after a long day watching an African sunset—sans cucumber please!
An extra extra dry Chopin vodka martini up with a twist before dinner.
A pint of Guinness on a moody rainy Euro-afternoon.
A super Tuscan vin rouge with a charcuterie plate with family and friends.
A mid-afternoon dulce de leche espresso after a museum stroll.
Cold Otokoyama Junmai sake with a sushi lunch.
Flights of Spanish riojas with flights of Spanish tapas.
A bag of sweet Thai iced tea with street food.
A crisp bottle of pinot grigio and some seafood seaside.
Shots of chilled Russian vodka with spoons of caviar.
A true chocolat chaud and croissant in a Paris café.
A tart caipirinha at a beachside kioscos overlooking Rio harbor.

Liquid Candy…and, Perfection and Grace.

Cheers! Prost! Salute! Kanpai! Na Zdorovie! Santé! Fa Sahetek! Skoal! Cin-cin! Ganbei! L’chaim! Bottoms up!

What do you love about drinking while traveling?

Written by: William D. Chalmers

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