Forget Letterman’s infamous Top 10 lists…too short.
Pay no attention to APs Too-Early Top 20 College Football teams…it’s not the season.
Ignore Jay Z’s 99 Problemsway too long.

As collated by our crack staff, and a few fellow travelers, here’s our Goldilocks-inspired, just-right list. The TOP reasons you said YES! to participating in the 2023 edition of The Global Scavenger Hunt:
Because you like playing spin the globe.
Because you know reality can exceed expectations.
Because you know magic still exists.
Because you know adventure still exists.
Because you love the feeling of doing something for the first time?
Because you still possess a child-like imagination.
Because you deserve some quality me time.
Because it will shake up your definition of the world.
Because there is joy in sharing an adventure.
Because it will challenge you like nothing before. And be so worth it.
Because deep down, you really want to take a blind date with the world.
Because you know you have skills you didn’t get to use.
Because you will break bread with strangers.
Because it will make you feel small.
Because there is nothing grander than feeling small.
Because you will give back & make the world a better place.
Because it will make you think bigger.
Because it will make you laugh…and cry.
Because it will bring you closer to beauty.
Because there is always something new to taste.
Because regular travel isn’t as adventurous as it once was.
Because trusting strangers in strange lands is absolutely exhilarating.
Because it will increase your connectivity with the world…and everything in it.
Because you will realize there are no actual boundaries between we the people.
Because you will exit your comfort zone—and love it.
Because it’s like Christmas morning—23 straight days in a row.
Because it makes you happy to be alive.
Because ogling natural wonders makes you feel good.
Because several appetizers are usually better than one main course.
Because seeing it for yourself is like being in a postcard—only better.
Because you will be introduced to pre-industrial modes of transport.
Because it is not about sightseeing—but site-doing.
Because you will need to pack your daring, creativity, resourcefulness and spontaneity.
Because you will know the color Aegean blue does exist.
Because sometimes the destination is not the end—only the means of a more extraordinary discovery.
Because you know people don’t take trips…trips take people.
Because it is the ultimate piece of performance art filled with exotic backdrops, action and drama.
Because it ends up being a transformative journey.
Because you want more priceless participatory experiences.
Because the awe factor is high and the wows many.
Because it’s always an adventure finding out who you are.
Because it will benefit your travel self-confidence.
Because you’ll get your swagger back.
Because sometimes it’s okay to get up before dawn.
Because bliss is awaiting you on the other side of your fears.
Because it will make your relationship with your partner stronger.
Because there can be authentic travel in the age of reality TV.
Because you shouldn’t wait till next year for life to happen.
Because circling the globe has always been your dream.
Because you will be tested.
Because you will pass the test.
Because it is an authentic 21st-century adventure.
Because you will become a Thrillionaire.
Because it will make you a more interesting person.
Because it is the world travel championship.
Because it cures the seen-it-all blues. 
Because you will make new friends.
Because you will have something extraordinary to look forward to very soon.
Because you will achieve travel rapture.
Because it is indeed life-changing.
Because dreams do come true.
Because when was the last time you surprised yourself?
Because you just said YES!
…And because it is just plain fun! What are your reasons for taking the leap? We want to know…

PS…I am trying out some new eye-dazzling color schemes too!

Did I miss something important? Please let us know at: GSH (at) GlobalScavengerHunt (dot) com

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