Day 1: San Francisco, USA

Friday, 13 April 2018 – Day 1: San Francisco, USA (37.7749° N, 122.4194° W)

Buenas tardes… misa’ il khayr…Guadn åmd…or wǔ’ān…good afternoon and hello everybody. Thank you for coming to our 2018 event blog called PostCARDS. My name is William Chalmers (please call me Bill if you comment)…I am the Event Director, the (CEO)–Chief Experience Office, and some call me the The Ringmaster. I will be the chief blog poster over the next 23-days.

The World’s Greatest Travelers™ trophy

I want to welcome you all to the greatest show on earth…the 2018 edition of The Global Scavenger Hunt, the travel world championships…our 14th event!

Here are the members of our competing 2018 tribe, those hardy, adventurous and curious global travelers that have joined us for the a quick lap around the world. They are all taking a giant leap of faith…because they don’t know where or what they will be doing over the next three weeks while taking A Blind Date with the World. All they know is that they will be visiting 10+ countries spread across 4 continents. Which countries on which continents, well soon be revealed–albeit very slowly. Enjoy the ride…

Jim & Betty, back for the 4th time as NOLA Second Line

Tom & Paula–is their third time the charm?–as SLO Folks

Bill & Anahi, returning from our 2013 event, as The Buckeye Terriers

The legendary Lawyers without Borders, Rainey & Zoe

1st-time teammates, 2nd-time travelers, Greg & Marnie, ATX Traveling Bohemians

Greenhorns Rusty & Donna, Team Tuna

Newbies Gil & Kim known as Leo & the Crab

Rookie gal pals Pamela & Denise of Team Sonoma Strong

That’s the field…they all share a strong passion for travel, to see and experience the world like few ever get a chance to. They are seizing that opportunity. They have an explorers curiosity and desire to engage and learn from the other people of the world. They are positive, hopeful and willing to trust strangers in strange lands. They prefer to do stuff, to enjoy experiences and bank those memories than just acquire more stuff. They are willing to unplug from their social media for 23-days and be truly social mano-a-mano. They are willing to leave their expectations unpacked in the closet back home and thrust themselves and their egos into the world. They are ready to have fun playing a global game that will encourage them to live, be, and act in the moment for the next 23-days that will test their stamina, their travel savvy, their acquired Travel IQ and their resourcefulness.

There will be eight unique  legs in the 2018 round the world event that will take us to nine new countries: The legs will be divided into: 2 Par 1’s, 1 Par 2, 2 Par 3’s, 1 Par 4, and 2 Par 5’s . The lowest possible score for the event is 24. My guess is that won’t happen–the Sydney Sisters are not joining us this year! So, good luck to all…

We are off to dinner and then…All our bags are packed and we’re ready to go!