Day 12: Historic Jordan

Day 12: Tuesday, 23 April 2019 – Amman, Jordan (31.9454° N, 35.9284° E)

“It’s alarming how much misinformation is out there. Travel is a powerful antidote. When people meet, share a coffee, and talk about their country or their experience, differences often melt away. Tourists are the best ambassadors for tolerance. Every holiday snap, every e-mail home, turns them into digital diplomats. There is no doubt in my mind that travel fosters tolerance, promotes knowledge, and encourages harmony between people of different cultures and religions.”Queen Rania of Jordan

Marhaban…and hello from Jordan! Hard to believe…but today is already the half-way point of the 2019 version of The Global Scavenger Hunt. And with Canada, Viet Nam, Myanmar, Thailand and United Arab Emirates behind us, we still have seven more destinations to test the travel skill sets of our competitors over the final 12 days.

Busy day for us and a lot to report…photos and videos too.

We moved from there…to here.

NEXUS having desert fun…

A group selfie sans Transformed Travel Goddesses

Airport debriefings…

Waiting to board AUH-AMM Flight

We are sad to farewell and good bye to The Fillies (Barbara & Sally)…who we left behind this morning at AUH who have left us and are headed back to the USA. (FYI: It was pre-arranged; so no issues there.)

Almost One-Minute Interview with Retired Traveling Chicks

One-Minute event update from Pamela in AUH

Old Business:  We have gone over all the peer reviewed AUH Leg (Par 2) scores…(Scavenges completed & strategic Bonuses)
6th – Transformed Travel Goddesses
5th – The Fillies who did 10 scavenges for 425 points
4th – Lawyers without Borders completed 17 scavenges for 680 points
3rd – SLO Folks did 18 scavenges for 690 points
2nd – Order & Chaos who emerged from the dead and completed 18 scavenges for 705 points
1st – went to Lazy Monday who won both Team Challenges (visiting the highest spot in Abu Dhabi and mounting a 4-legged beastie too) along with 21 other scavenges for 965 points!

Congrats all on finishing the fifth leg…

Overall leaders after Five completed legs (par 12 of 25 completed)…the overall top 4 teams are:
4. SLO Folks = 50
3. Order & Chaos = 45
2. Lazy Monday = 22
1. Lawyers without Borders = 21

Three-Things I Learned from the AUH Leg: Ladies and gentlemen we have a serious competition on our hands at the half way mark—a veteran team against a first time team—both are great travelers!; we lost a few more competitive teams who elected to throw in the towel while finding their own happiness quotient; and we are finally out of the heat!

New Business: For the next three days we have put together a fun but tricky Par 4 leg due to the many Bonus options available to our travelers. This leg is all about choices and Bonuses–all 13 of them! A great destination with historic and mythical biblical destinations, great Roman ruins and other cultural highlights, along with Jordan’s not-to-vast and accessible stunning natural beauty. Have I even mention the ancient Nabatean city Petra yet?! (Well…I have pissed off daughter today back in LA who’s name is Petra!)

5 Sample Jordanian Scavenges:
-Visit Lawrence’s infamous “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom,” and quench your thirst at Ain Shalaaleh…
-Retrace Moses’ footsteps and climb to the top of Mount Nebo…
-Visit the lowest point on Earth and float in the Dead Sea…
-Locate an oryx in the Mujib Biosphere Reserve…
-Hang with some locals sucking a shisha and talking about life…

Jordan is target rich!

But maybe a tad confusing…

Retired Traveling Chicks & Team Ying 2.0 perform at Roman Amphitheater in Amman.

We try not to hit our readers/followers over the head about The Global Scavenger Hunt’s cause-related, charitable purposes, but this annual event raises funds for GreatEscape Foundation’s twin goals: building co-ed elementary schools in low & middle income nations, and distributing interest-free no-fee micro-loans to budding global entrepreneurs (mostly mothers). Both our methods of helping others help themselves are designed to facilitate their great escape from the cycle of poverty—one person at a time! Happily, we have improved the lives of thousands: building a dozen schools, a mid-wife training facility, and funding thousands of mothers wanting to make a better life for their families.

So, if you have it in your heart to not eat a lunch out this week in order to make a small secure PayPal GreatEscape Foundation donation during the course of the 2019 event, we know a lot of kids needing a basic education that would thank you. And we’ll thank you too…with a tax receipt. Thank you!

We will report next from either Petra or the Dead Sea…wish you were here!