Day 13: Looking for Indiana Jones…

Day 13: Wednesday, 24 April 2019 – Petra, Jordan (30.3285° N, 35.4444° E)

Petra…what does that word conjure in you? The exotic destination? An immovable object? Me, well thinking of home, my daughter’s name is Petra. And today, her namesake is everywhere. It subconsciously gnaws at me…a parent away from one of their children.  “I don’t know what’s worse: suffering from homesickness when traveling or from wanderlust when not?” – William D. Chalmers, circa 1989

And here we are wandering around Jordan today.

Better half of Order & Chaos on beastie

What are odds teams would all be at same truck stop at same time?

…we are all doing our part.

World’s smallest hotel…oh yes, a crusader castle atop that hill too.

And good night from the Dead Sea with Palestine/Israel in the background.