Day 13: Tunisia! Where the heck is Tunisia?

Day 13: Wednesday, 29 April 2020 – Tunis, Tunisia (36.8065° N, 10.1815° E) (980 Covid-19 cases & 40 deaths as of today)

Okay, I know, Tunisia is not on most people’s travel radar…so it might be easier to think about the ancients, like Carthage. As in Phoenicians, Punic’s and Romans, oh my. Well, that is now basically Tunisia. And that’s where we are headed today…

A great destination that Francophones have known about since they were just Gauls. (Sorry, no more history lessons today I promise, mostly.) Anyway…perpetually sunny weather, golden beaches and affordable luxuries await you in Tunisia, along with Roman amphitheaters, ancient forts, amazing archeological sites, fascinating museums, Sahara desert caravans, mosques older than most countries, white-on-white Mediterranean architecture, and many, many colorful doors. Oh, and busy souks of course… A lot to see and do for sure, and totally off the radar of Americans. (Quick, go find it on a map.)
We brought our annual traveling circus here in the spring of 2009. (And to think, the tumult of the Arab Spring started right here in Tunisia a short time after we left with the self-immolation of a heroic street vendor named Mohamed Bouzizi. An unsung hero to millions.) And from what I remember a decade later of our visit, a good time was had by all…and a geography lesson learned too.

Today’s memory comes from Bev & Buz in the form of a video taken during the 2009 travel adventure competition, and takes place in El Gem, Tunisia, the actual location they shot some rather dramatic Russell Crowe fighting scenes for the blockbuster movie The Gladiator…they called their video The Gladiator’s Last Stand. 

The Gladiator’s Last Stand…circa, 2009 edition

Thanks Bev & Buz…now we remember!

Stay safe and well. Till tomorrow…when we visit Egypt.

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