Day 13: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Wednesday, 25 April 2018 – Day 13: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (17.9318° S, 25.8256° E)

That feature photo is what Victoria Falls looked like in November when I was last here during the dry season…that’s the before photo.

Victoria Falls after photo…during wet season.

The problem with the after photo is there is too much of a good thing. It is like a white out (wet out) with so much water crashing down creating micro-climates…squalls really, that prevent you from really seeing the majesty of the falls. You get absolutely soaked…saturated even. But alas, we are here, enjoying ourselves tremendously. Heard a team was going bungee jumping and maybe zip lining too? Hopefully, video later…

Leo & the Crab tanned & rested enjoying breakfast at Batonka.

Something lurking between me and my pub! Yield the right-of-way…

Baobab Tree sunset

Tiger Fish (aka African piranha)…something to think about white water rafting!

What inflation looks like…a real note. Bitcoin anyone?

All the teams returned on time at our 9:00PM check-in with stories to tell. Drinks kept them flowing until the wee hours of the balmy night…

So conflicted? Which way to go to begin the last 10-days? Thoughts?