Day 14: Thursday, 27 April 2023 – Israel & Palestine Territories

“This is what’s priceless about travel: It allows us to fill in the blanks, put names to faces, and make bits and pieces of the wide world, now and forever, part of our own worlds. And through it, we gain a better understanding of everything from the front-page news to our next-door neighbors.” – Thomas Swick (travel writer)

An eventful & busy day in Jerusalem & the West Bank of Palestine.

The Old City alleyways look more foreboding & sinister than they are.
Cookies in Maheane Yehuda market
Young adults, women especially, are our future…
The Dead Sea Scrolls repository…
Happy merchant…Pamela is here!
Teams found walking the Old City
The Dead Sea Scrolls…the bible’s first revision.

Teams will be checking in at 9PM this evening, and then we are off again…better now than in a few days…stay tuned!

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