Day 18: Monay, 1 May 2023: Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina (43.8563° N, 18.4131° E)

In the quest to travel from Sofia on Friday, to Zagreb on Tuesday, Sarajevo, at some point, is a Mandatory stop for our Teams during the Balkan leg. And some Teams are there…I have proof, see:

Look Squirrel in Sarajevo…

But look…some are in Albania too. Taking the bait & allure of a cash country bounty.

Teams Rayven, Cubs Fans & Hew & Haw, apparently in Albania.

I can also report that some Teams have been driving through Montenegro’s tunnels, albeit in the wrong direction! Some Teams were in Belgrade. And some Teams visited Northern Macedonia. Some have flown to Warsaw to get to Zagreb. To each his own…

Anyway, you may have read, a lot has happened in Sarajevo historically…to say the least! The Great war, before they started numbering them, was started here in 1914, when Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. Personally, I prefer the band. Or, perhaps you remember the 1984 Winter Olympics? Phil & Steve Mahre, American brothers, won skiing medals. Torvill & Dean won gold. The Soviet Union defeated Czechoslovakia for hockey gold…two ancien regimes that no longer exist. Well after that, after Bosnia & Herzegovina declared its independence from Yugoslavia in 1992, belligerent neighbor Serbia attacked them and there was a horrific siege of the city for 1,425 days–which was longer than the Siege of Stalingrad. It was in all the papers. The term ethnic cleansing was coined.

Anyways, that’s all over now, and Sarajevo is back. A welcomed part of EU & awaiting NATO membership approval. It’s a great place to visit.

What usually happens to after the Olympic boom…wasted facilities.

Pre-Event Global Literacy Test (part 3):

The past two days, we revealed the answers to four of the sixteen pre-event Global Literacy Test we gave to our participants at the event’s beginning. It was hard, but a chimp guessing would get 33% correct. Today we will do four more, let’s see how you do:

9. On average worldwide, men 25-years-old have spent 10 years in school. How many years have women of that age spent in school?
A) 9 years   
B) 6 years
C) 3 years

10. On average, how many commercial aviation takeoffs & landings occur daily worldwide?
A) More than 120,000
B) About 100,000
C) Less than 80,000

11. How many people in the world lack access to safe water & sanitation?
A) 20-25 Percent
B) 40-50 Percent
C) 60-80 Percent

12. Pre-pandemic, the global tourism employed represented over 10% of global GDP & how many jobs:
A) More than 300 million B) About 150 million
C) Less than 100 million

See the answers below:
Finally today, please remember that The Global Scavenger Hunt has always been about more than traveling around the world competing for The World’s Greatest Travelers crown in the world travel championship… it is about helping others help themselves through the GreatEscape Foundation. This year, to celebrate our event’s 16th edition, we aim to fund two schools in places that really need them. Co-ed elementary schools at that. So, if you have it in your heart to not eat lunch out this week and make a small one-time $25 online donation during the 2023 event, we know a lot of kids needing an education that would thank you. Thank you all because we know that every little bit helps a lot. (FYI: All individual donation names will be put in a hat, and on 5 May, we will select a winner for a fun special prize—it will be worth much more than your $25+ donation!). Thank you!

Global Literacy Test (part 3) Aansers:

9. A) Sadly, just 63% of girls around the world finish their primary school education today. (How’d you do, because just 2 of our 23 correctly got this one right.)

10. A) Worldwide, an estimated 22.2 million commercial aviation planes took off and landed in 2021. That’s 121,643 daily takeoffs & landings…99.99999 without incidence, I might add! (This was the most popular correct answer on our test, 15 got it right.)

11. A) 30% of the world’s people (2 billion) live without access to safe water & 1.7 billion lack basic sanitation. Think about that. (Six of 23 travelers got this right.)

12. A) Over 333 million people worldwide depend on tourism for their livelihood. Sadly, over 75 million lost their jobs permanently during the pandemic. (Exactly as 23 chimp would have scored, 33% of our travelers got it right.) How’d you do?

Again, why are we so wrong about what we think we know?

More from Zagreb tomorrow….

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