Day 20: From Budapest to Krakow…via…

Day 20: Wednesday, 6 May 2020 – Krakow, Poland (50.0647° N, 19.9450° E) (14,740 Covid 19 cases & 733 deaths in Poland as of today)

At this juncture of the adventure I would be roaming around someplace our travelers aren’t today, so I got nothing for you! It is usually my day off before the climatic end and the eventual crowing of The World’s Greatest Travelers™. So sorry…I got nothing and will let the memories speak for themselves, as to what a few of the fundamental building blocks of our annual adventure is built on: the joy of serendipity, traveling for the fun of it, and trusting strangers in strange lands.

Enjoy the optics…




Maria, of the Retired Traveling Chicks fame, shares her two memories from their 2014 adventure during the Euro leg, one enroute to Krakow and one changed routing in Hungary, but two pleasant surprises all the same:

“OMG how can I come up with one great moment when they were all great?! One of my fondest memories of doing the GSH is when we had been in Częstochowa, Poland and had to get to Krakow. We went to the train station as we had planned but found out that since it was May Day there was no train going to Krakow that day. A lady happened to overhear us sounding desperate and she kindly told us that she had found a bus going to Krakow and told us to join her. While on the bus she asked what we were doing and as we explained the GSH she got very excited and started helping us with our scavenger hunt booklet, translating some words and telling us about places we were to look for. When she didn’t know some of the clues she asked other passengers. Pretty soon we had many of the passengers, gladly and excitedly, giving us help, advice, and explanations for things we needed. This was truly meeting kind people in strange places!

“In case you want another fond memory here’s another one: We had left Budapest in the evening hoping to get to Liechtenstein for a 300 point bonus and get our passports stamped. While on the train we had time to plan a little better and as I was looking at the GSH book and the map we realized we wanted to change our plans.  I suddenly realized that we could get big points in Gyor! But where was Gyor? I looked closer at the train map and thought we had just passed it. I was so mad at myself for not planning better!  BUT a couple of minutes later the conductor announced that we were just approaching Gyor because the train was running late. We had papers and the map plus our own items spread out all over but I yelled to Kim “we’re getting off at the next stop! Gather our things!” We quickly jumped off the train, found a hotel and refocused. We got a small town map and at 06:18 we started out and found the Ark of the Covenant and then took a local bus to Pannonhalma Abbey and took a tour, we also found someone to teach Kim a dance step since it was International Dance Day. Gyor was a hidden gem for us, someplace we probably would have never visited, but because of the GSH we found that many small towns have their own special hidden treasures and history. Our plans changed constantly and sometimes that wasn’t a good thing but in this case it was.”

The Retired Traveling Chicks

One 2014 scavenge was to find this in Vienna…the 1679 Plague Victory Column!

Tomorrow…we head to another continent. Yikes!

Stay smart, safe and well. Till tomorrow…

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