Day 20: Lima, Peru

Wednesday, 2 May 2018 – Day 20: Lima, Peru (12.0464° S, 77.0428° W)

We have traveled this morning from Uruguay traveling northwest across South America to Peru, our last 2018 event international destination. We also picked up another two hours…almost all the way around!

So, technically…Bienvenido a Perú.

The 2018 tribe in Lima…now out & about.

We are here for two nights…holed up at the beautiful Belmond Miraflores Park Hotel.

Belmond Miraflores Park Hotel

Old Business: We have gone over all the peer reviewed the long strategic and fun Rio Plata Leg (Par 5) scores…
7th Buckeye Terriers
6th Team Tuna
5th Leo & the Crab
4th NOLA Secondline
3rd SLO Folks
1st Tie – Lawyers w/o Borders & Traveling Bohemians – Handed in exact same score sheets with 48 scavenges completed including 3 Bonuses

Overall leaders after 6 legs about a third (par 20 or 24 completed) …the overall top 3 teams are
3. NOLA Secondline – 76
2. Leo & the Crab – 75
1. SLO Folks – 30

Three things I Learned from the last leg? May Day holidays muck the best laid plans; No one lost weight on the last leg; and South America is a destination more should visit.

One-Minute Interview with?

short and sweet easy urban Par 3 with 4 Bonuses, 25 other scavenges
-go on a ocean whale watching boat ride
-ceviche taste testing
-visit the amazing museo Oro del Peru
-find the kama sutra figurines

Just Weird: guinea pigs are unlawful to own in Switzerland, but meal staple in Peru…go figure.

Check-in time tomorrow night, Thursday 10:00PM.