Day 21: Lima

Day 21: Thursday, 7 May 2020 – Lima, Peru (12.0464° S, 77.0428° W) (58,526 Covid-19 cases & 1,627 deaths as of today)

Folks that travel already know that the folks back home don’t really want to hear about their travel stories. It’s true. No matter how amazing a time you had and how amazing a story you tell; our experiences and our memories, just do not translate well to others. Enthusiasms notwithstanding. No matter how hard we try. And I always try…

But nearing the end of our 23-day worldwide memory lane stroll…I also know that sharing your memories makes us feel better. And isn’t that what really counts–me, myself and I…to thy own self be true? When we share our small victories, positive experiences, grand accomplishments, savoring serendipitous happenings, and even our cheap nostalgia for better days, we feel better inside. It’s probably both psychological and chemical; and we all know today how intertwined they are…serotonin, dopamine, neurotransmitters, central nervous systems and all. So, my point over the last three weeks was to maybe spread a little happiness, or time out of mind, for the few who have traveled with us over the years in these difficult, boring and challenging times. Or maybe just distract you for a moment or two: show some photos of better days, share some memories around the campfire that is the Internet today, make our hearts race a little. Maybe even elicit a little internal gratitude (yes, you can thank yourself for being a curious, thoughtful and caring traveler once) and give thanks to all the people we have been privileged enough to have met along the way…and maybe even applaud the good we have done too along the way. I know I appreciate all of it. I know I am a lucky one, for I have seen the other side of the coin. I hope you do too. Let that thought alone inspire you onward.

To that end, our annual around the world event is good clean fun, unspeakable fun at that, but it actually also has a grander purpose behind it–the GreatEscape Foundation. Our twin goals of helping others help themselves with interest-free micro loans and educating the youth by building schools around the world, have not wavered. No hard sell here, that’s not us, but if you can…give a little online, because it does make a world of difference. And although we may not be traveling these days, or any time soon for that matter, we still can help others. Thank you.

Okay, we finally got to South America in 2015…it took us a while. Why? Well, frankly, logistically speaking, when you circle the globe as we annually do, South America is a hard place to get to and leave from going either east or west. I urge you to go look at a map of the world. See South America there. Few flights fly between Africa and South America–it is not like flying between Europe and North America, there is no multi-corridor aviation highway at 38,000 feet. And there are even fewer flights flying between South America and Asia. None in fact! Your only option east to west out of South America is to Australia, and even that is hardly a daily occurance. So we were happy to finally get to South America, a place my family and I love to travel to.  We were very happy to finally get to Peru in 2018, although not to Cusco and beyond due to time constraints. (BTW: Cusco is one of my favorite mid-sized international cities, along with nearby Mendoza: Argentina, Chiang Mai: Thailand, Valette: Malta, Kyoto: Japan, Jerusalem, and Zanzibar City: Tanzania, to name a few.)

Today’s memory takes place in 2018 in Lima and is from Zoe of the Lawyers without Borders team, that has traveled with us, oh a couple of times, since 2008…

“One  great memory from the Global Scavenger Hunt 2018 … getting our toes kissed by sea lions. We took a boat out of Lima until, in the distant, we saw a plain rocky outcrop-island.  As we got closer, we suddenly realized that every brown speck on the island, everything that looked like a rock or shrub, was actually a sea lion… over 4,300 of them.  The boat anchored right next to the island, we squirmed into wet suits and jumped into the water. Suddenly there were slippery creatures all around us.  Sea lions swam beside you, bumped into you and when you lay on your back and put your feet out, they came and kissed your feet with whispery lips.”

Tomorrow…we head north to Colombia, our final 2020 memory tour destination.

I have never been hospitalized…on the road, yet!

Stay smart, safe and well. Till tomorrow…

Please send any memories you want us to post to ringmaster (at) globalscavengerhunt (dot) com