Day 21: Where is everybody? Morocco? Spain? Portugal?

Day 21: Thursday, 2 May 2019 – Seville, Spain (37.3891° N, 5.9845° W)

A thousand and one Arabian Nights may be 999 too many for some!” – William D. Chalmers, circa 1989

Good morning from Portugal…we got here a few days ago, flew directly from Marrakesh. Easy, peasy. Two worlds, so close yet so far away…maybe too far away for some of our travelers. We know they are all being tested to various degrees: their endurance—it has been a fun but tough 21-days of non-stop traveling; their travel IQ’s—there are so many things to see and do—and thus choices to make; their situational awarenesses—are they making the right choices?; their integrity—are they cutting corners and taking short cuts in their desire for more points? As Peter Gabriel sang—This amusement never ends.
Sights and tastes of Porto…

Well, the 2019 edition of The Global Scavenger Hunt’s international legs will come to an end tomorrow at 11:30AM in our Porto hotel…we hope to see everyone there to receive their next 4–hour notice. Where are we off to next?

BTW…that feature photo atop the blog today is from our bedroom window this morning in Porto! We are actually in Vila Nova de Gaia neighborhood just across Ponte de D. Luis I from Riberia overlooking the many Port warehouses. We can see: Rozés, Taylor’s, Cockburn’s, Graham’s, Churchill, Ferreira, Ramos Pinto, Offley, Croft, Porto Cruz, Cálem, Sandman, Vasconcellos, Burmester…who knew there were so many! WOW: A world of wines…

Also wondering, if any our teams got to swim in all our 2019 Seven Seas Scavenges: Straits of Georgia (YVR), South China Sea (SGN), Andaman Sea (RGN), Persian Gulf (AUH), Dead Sea (AMM), Gulf of Aqaba (AMM), Aegean Sea (ATH), Mediterranean Sea (RAK),  and the Atlantic Ocean (OPO)…we will see?
Yesterday was May Day….

Last night I was torn…my two favorite soccer teams (FC Barcelona and Liverpool FC) faced off in a UEFA Champions League game at Nou Camp…they have historically only played each other nine times ever: with 3 wins, 3 losses and 3 draws. Close…  Mohamed Salah played great as usual and had quality chances, but once again, it was all Messi last night as Barco won 3-nil over The Reds, netting two brilliant goals—including his 600th career goal on a sensational free kick ala Beckman in his dreams! Me thinks he is a man on a mission…

We are off to survey the Douro River Valley wine area by boat…where property is cheap—comparatively speaking of course coming from California!

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We’re 71% almost home…

Okay, until tomorrow’s checkin deadline…that’s all from Porto, Portugal.

The Children of the Revolution say, “Change Now!”

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