Day 22: Homeward Bound, almost

Day 22: Friday, 3 May 2019 – Porto, Portugal (41.1579° N, 8.6291° W)

Why do we feel sorry for people who do not travel? Because, unable to expand externally, they are not able to expand internally either, they can’t multiply and so they are deprived of the possibility of undertaking expansive excursions in themselves and discovering who and what else they could have become.”  – Pascal Mercier from the novel Night Train to Lisbon

BTW…our site had a minor international infection…it is cured and all is good!

Good Afternoon from OPO…we are EWR bound.

All the teams and participants arrived alive and in good spirits after their six day North Africa/Iberia Peninsula mad dash…albeit a tad worse for the wear. But the smiles were genuine. We are melancholy today…happy everyone is safe loading their homeward flight, but sad that our 23-day around the world adventure is nearing an end. The traveler in me sad, the Event Director in me ecstatic!

So, quickly Three Things I learned since I last saw everyone on Sunday morning in Marrakech: Teams were really busy, one team did 93 scavenges in countries…we have a serious competition and my cursory glances at the score sheets while I was photocopying them tells me it is anyone’s event—even lower placed teams did a lot, more than I thought they would…and finally, this leg was kick ass from beginning in Morocco to the end here in Porto—everyone loved it.

One-Minute Interview with Order & Chaos from Porto.

Observation…watching my (now significantly less heavy) luggage go through yet another hi-tech scanning device, I realized that my luggage has had more CAT scans over the last three weeks than I have in my life. Ahh, the USA for-profit medical system (sic).

We should have a flood of photos and some videos coming, but here are few to begin…check back later and we should have more by the time we land in New York.

We try not to hit our readers/followers over the head about The Global Scavenger Hunt’s cause-related, charitable purposes, but this annual event raises funds for GreatEscape Foundation’s twin goals: building co-ed elementary schools in low & middle income nations, and distributing interest-free no-fee micro-loans to budding global entrepreneurs (mostly mothers). Both our methods of helping others help themselves are designed to facilitate their great escape from the cycle of poverty—one person at a time! Happily, we have improved the lives of thousands: building a dozen schools, a mid-wife training facility, and funding thousands of mothers wanting to make a better life for their families.

So, if you have it in your heart to not eat a lunch out this week in order to make a small secure PayPal GreatEscape Foundation donation during the course of the 2019 event, we know a lot of kids needing a basic education that would thank you. And we’ll thank you too…with a tax receipt. Thank you!

See you again soon…

Take us home Vasco da Gama…hopefully they go the right way!