Day 22: Friday, 5 May 2023 – Homeward Bound

This is a bittersweet day for us, the organizers. The Last Day. Our happiest day…when everyone is present & accounted for and safely aboard the plane heading home. We are relieved, but sad it is over. I think, I hope, the Teams feel the same way. Maybe, maybe not. Some will, some can’t get home soon enough…they miss the daily grind, the predictability and familiarity of their daily lives. We get it…but for some, we’re just getting started!

Istanbul International Airport (IST) to Montréal–Trudeau International Airport (YUL)…one final 9-hour and change flight, across Europe southeast to northwest & then across the Atlantic Ocean, to Quebec, the smoking & drinking section of Canada. Montréal, a great city, will be our last 2023 Global Scavenger Hunt destination. I have always wanted to end here…and finally, we have.

Quick Observation…watching my (now significantly less heavy) luggage go through yet another hi-tech scanning device, I realized that my luggage has had more CAT scans over the last three weeks than I have in my life. Ahh, the USA for-profit medical system (sic).

Here’s the final installments of our One-Minute Interviews:

First up, we have the Team that were on a blind date on A Blind Date With the World™, Team Free2B.

The ultra-modern Humaniti Hotel

And a One-Minute Interview with Burkes in Wanderland

Tomorrow, at the conclusion of the world travel championship‘s™ final short one-day urban sprint leg in Montréal, we will crown The World’s Greatest Travelers™.

It will surely be be out with old & in with new. But who will be on the podium?

Please stay tuned…

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