Day 22: Repositioning…Homeward Bound

Friday, 4 May 2018 – Day 22:

We are in Miami…we have all gotten back to the USA safely, and we have a tribe of happy travelers just now beginning to relish in what they have seen and accomplished over the last 22 days circling the globe. More later…

Old Business:
-Here are the peer reviewed scores for the Peruvian Leg (Par 3):
7th  Buckeye Terriers
6th – Team Tuna
5th – Leo & Crabby
4th – NOLA Ssecondline
2nd Tie – Lawayers without Borders & ATX Traveling Bohemians tied with same scorce cards
1st SLO Folks…who did all three points heavy BONUS scavenges
Congrats all on finishing the fun Peruvian leg…

So now we are getting interesting, after seven legs (23 of 24)…the overall top 3 teams are:
3. Leo & the Crab, 90
2. NOLA Secondline, 88
1. SLO Folks, with 33

Quick Observation before I pass out… WTF? = what is with American teenage girls carrying pillows through airports? Only place you see that? Please explain.

See you all tomorrow for our final leg here in Miami and the 2018 crowning of The World’s Greatest Travelers…and other stories to tell.