Day 23: Miami, USA

Saturday, 5 May 2018 – Day 23: Miami, USA (25.7617° N, 80.1918° W)

Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Welcome to Miami…we arrived last evening around dinner time, actually losing an hour from Peruvian time. Miami: sun, sea, style, South Beach (SoBe), celebrities, Art Deco, Spanglish, Biscayne Bay…home of Florida Man/Woman and their Children…land of $12 Miller Lites…a wanna be LA.

Miami InterContinental

Teams today took one last lap, an easy 7-hour urban (Par 1) scavenger hunt here in Miami…before we crowned The World’s Greatest Travelers later today. We hope they enjoy their last day and finish their around the world adventure with a smile on their face.

There are 4 Bonuses and 40 scavenges…I look for surprises here:
-take an ambpious vehicle water cruise
-eat a Cubano in Little Havana
-find Jackie Gleason’s grave
-bike/roller blade South Beach boardwalk
-take in an NBA or NHL playoff game

The eternal everglades…

Gators we later eat…okay, maybe not this one in particular!

Slo Folks & ATX Traveling Bohemians w/ Road Officials being tacky tourists in USA!

And the 2018 winners are?

First up…the winners of our annual players pool (each person guesses which 11 countries we will be conducting official scavenges in) are Zoe & Marnie, who each guessed 4 of 11 correctly. They split the pot. (Sorry Mickey—just one!)

BTW: The Global Scavenger Hunt has now visited 85 countries at some point during the last 14 events! (That means just 15 to go before we turn into pumpkins! Hint, hint…)

The MIA leg did not effect our standings coming out of Peru however, and that means the teams winning, placing and showing (like todays Kentucky Derby) are:

In 3rd Place: Leo & The Crab

In 2nd Place:

…which means the third time is the charm for Team SLO Folks and they are the 2018 winners of The Global Scavenger Hunt and The World’s Greatest Travelers for 2018, we look forward to them defending their title in the next edition…. whenever that may be. Thank you all!

Thank you Pamela, for without you this does not happen!

The 2018 tribe, sans Denise & Pam, but with 2016 alum Savanah.

We will have our Winners Gala Dinner Party at Toro Toro Miami, where teams will share their:

1) Best Cabbie jokes?
2) Most forms of public Transportation used (Record: 28 in 2009!)
3) The world’s Tackiest Souvenir
4) Best Global Price Index
5) Best Travel Collection
6) Most social media friends acquired…

And we say thank you and good bye, concluding our 14th annual around the world event.

And again, nobody died.