Day 3: Inter-Continental Bebopping

Day 3: Sunday, 14 April 2019 – Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean

Happy Birthday to Pamela: my accomplice in this annual adventure, the mother of my son, my partner in life, my editor, my therapist, my best friend, my lover, and my wife.

Pamela sadly get’s robbed frequently of elaborate birthday festivities as her big day’s date usually coincides with the beginning of our annual event’s dates. Sure, I could easily say that I take her around the world each year for her birthday! But frankly, this is work folks–believe it or not, no really. So, she misses a full day devoted to her.

Like today, she gets about 3.75-hours in economy on a redeye  777 flight across the Pacific to celebrate until we cross the International Date Line (IDL) and then puff, her birthday is over before it’s even acknowledged.

Well, Happy Birthday Pamela! We all appreciate you and love you! (Don’t we? Hint, Hint.)

We land in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam @ 9:45am Monday morning…to be continued.

BTW: The normal seafaring routine for novices crossing the imaginary International Date Line (it is a line of convenience drawn by the British Admiralty in 1921 and is really a zig-zagging line–around Kiribati–with no real purpose save to lose yourself a day (aka the Circumnavigators Paradox) as we are now–sorry Pamela!–that I like to refer to simply as: a line where yesterday and tomorrow come together today!) for the first time is to have their heads shaved, their bodies painted, and eggs cracked over their head in celebration…I saw none of that onboard our flight sadly; just a lot of sleepy snoozers and anxious boozers. What has become of tradition? We take so much for granted…

Almost there…so says the pilot…and I hope I arrive not looking as dried out as a piece of beef jerky!

BTW…here is one person’s inflight playlist….gets me through the turbo:
Eugina (Michael Woods Remix) by Salt Tank 8:19
Touch Me 8:34 by Rui Da Silva-Cassandra Fox
Angels 2:52 by The XX
Amelia 7:28 by Herbie Hancock-Luciana Souza
Hello Earth 6:13 by Kate Bush
Fly 4:39 by Ludovico Einaudi Divenire
Stella del Mattino 2:31 by Ludovico Einaudi
The Dark Bank of Clouds 3:11 by Ludovico Einaudi
Departure 3:53 by CFCF
Nuvole bianche 5:58 by Ludovico Einaudi
Written on the Sky 1:40 by Max Richter
So Numb 4:12 by R.E.M.
Spies 5:19 by Coldplay
Heaven 4:09 by k.d. lang
Caravan 6:23 by Opium Moon
Sorta Fairytale 4:02 by Tori Amos
Electra 6:12 by Airstream
Coast of Malabar 6:01 by Ry Cooder-The Chieftains
Weightless 8:00 by Marconi Union
Somewhere Over the Rainbow 5:01 by Eva Cassidy
Beautiful Ghost / Introduction to Songs of Experience 3:52 by  U2

Till we meet again in Saigon!