Day 8: Friday, 21 April – Bukhara, Uzbekistan (39.7681° N, 64.4556° E)

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the places and moments that take our breath away.”

Uzbekistan will do that to you…if you let it. Today we are in Bukhara. The ancient Silk Road city. Genghis Khan knew it well. The city of 100 madrassas & over 300 mosques. One giant world heritage site.

By the way, Happy Birthday Sharon! Hopefully, we’ll all enjoy a quick nightcap tonight in the hotel bar!? Or maybe tomorrow night? Well, some night soon when we get the band together again…

So lets say it all with a few pictures today.

Women chatting…
Lavash (bread) at a bazaar
Fast Trains in the rest of the world?
The Picture of the Day…

Ramadan Mubarak all….

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