Hello All –

We know that right around now eager travelers start engaging with us here on the blog looking for clues about our coming event and getting ready to cheer on their teams.

Well, we tried. We really did!

Like all our travelers, we were hopeful that Spring 2022 would be the right time to travel the world again; that we’d slip right in there between two variant surges.

And although it is for some of us in the world fine to travel, it is not yet the right time to travel the globe. While we remained hopeful that life would be more normal now than since the beginning of the pandemic over two years ago, we can no longer offer false hope to anyone patiently waiting our event’s 2022 revival.

We had to cancel 2022.

We have worked hard the last few months, trying to navigate all aspects of our world of travel—flights, hotels, scavenges, evolving country conditions and pandemic procedures. And it was not to be. There are still just too many obstacles outside traveling North America and Europe to contemplate. And we contemplated them all, looking for routes and scenarios for us to not only successfully circle the globe, but visit 10 exciting countries along our way. And we couldn’t do it. But we really tried.

This combined with the fact that our event was conceived as an ingenuous way of getting our participants out of their comfort zones to trust strangers in strange lands and to do extraordinary things. While things are rapidly changing, we simply cannot get away from the fact that meeting those strangers will be difficult with individual nation’s social distancing and mask policies. We don’t want to travel in a closed bubble—What would be the point?

So, chin up, we are moving forward, letting go of 2022, and setting our dates for 2023:

April 14 to May 6, 2023.

Pamela and I are both sad about it, and we also sincerely apologize for any inconvenience the cancellation of our 2022 event may have caused anyone, but we know in our hearts and head that we did our level best. We do hope that you consider joining us again in the future.

Please check back in with us in October for more information.

Until then, be well and keep traveling.


Bill –

William D. Chalmers
Event Director (aka The Ringmaster)

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