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In two short weeks, the 2019 edition of The Global Scavenger Hunt will have begun its 23-day around the world travel adventure. Leaving your expectations at home unpacked hidden in the closet, the question is asked: How will you see the world? There are many ways…

Will your eyes be wide-open…our will you need Braille to assist you?
Will you be ready to eat anything, anywhere?
Will you have preconceived ideas?
Will you embrace our planet’s connectivity?
Do you see the world in the abstract?
Will you see the forest for the trees and see the bigger picture?
Will you bear witness to the beauty everywhere we go?
Will you see it in a different way?
…Or the same old, same old?
Will you get past the labels?
Where will the winds of serendipity take you?
Are you a water person, a land person or a green person?
…and escape the tribalism of the old world point of view?
Will jet lag and time overwhelm you?
Will you get turned upside down?
Will you let go and embracing the unknown?
…No matter where you go on your Blind Date with the World.
Will you be ready for le grande voyage awaiting you?
This is how we see the world…all the places left for the event to go?
How will you get your head around it?
So…start asking yourself: How do I want to see the world?

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