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2019 Press Releases:
2019 Event Fact Sheet:
2019 Video News Release (TRT 2:14)
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2019 Press Releases:

Below is a listing of our recent event-related press releases:

7 May 2019 (New York City, USA) – 2019 World’s Greatest Travelers crowned in New York City

11 April 2020 (San Francisco, USA) – 2019 World Travel Championship begins in Vancouver, Canada…the Starting Line

2020 Event Fact Sheet:

What:     The 2020 edition of The Global Scavenger Hunt™ is the 16th annual “world travel championship”…an around-the-world travel adventure competition that takes Teams on A Blind Date With The World™ and eventually crowns The World’s Greatest Travelers™.

When:      Every spring. The 2019 event will take place over three-weeks between April 17 and May 9, 2020. Fifteen international teams will travel from San Francisco to New York City—the really long way!

Who:      Team from around the world participate (Previous events have had teams from: USA, Canada, China, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia, England, Poland, Dubai & Barbados); with travelers from over 60 nations having previously applied.

Prizes:      The World’s Greatest Travelers™ trophy and a free trip around world are at stake in this winner-take-all event.

Where:      A circumnavigation of the globe touching down in at least 10 countries, that may include: Peru, Colombia, Indonesia, Laos, Oman, Tanzania, Russia, Morocco and Italy. (These are only potential countries as The Global Scavenger Hunt™ is indeed A Blind Date With The World™ for all its participants—who do not know which 10 countries they will be visiting until they are given a 4-hour notice.

Why:     Teams also help raise funds for ongoing humanitarian causes. Past organizations that have helped fund thirteen co-ed elementary schools in Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone, Kenya, India, Niger, Haiti, Ethiopia and Ecuador; as well as helped over 2,500 households with interest free micro loans. Organizations supported include: Doctors without Borders, Partners in Health, Free the Children and KIVA, among others.

How:      For additional information please visit or call 1.310.281.7809.

2019 VNR (TRT 2:14)

2019 – Event e-Media Kit (PDF download)

2019 – Photo Montage (Global Scavenger Hunt YouTube Channel) TRT: 9:46

Media Liaison Contact Information:

The Global Scavenger Hunt™ will be accepting applications for official media accreditation to cover the 16th edition of The Global Scavenger Hunt’s three-week “world travel championship” event  in the spring of 2020 (April  & May), beginning January 17th, 2020. If you wish to cover the event in person, please let us know ASAP as media space is limited in 2020 and is not a freebie or open to comped or fam possibilities.

Please Note: Unfortunately, due to the nature of the places we visit, that between our departure dates and return dates, we may experience some delays in returning press calls, e-mails and other media inquiries. We regret this and hope that you understand—we’re focusing really hard on making our event as great as can be and making sure that our Teams get all our attention they need.

Please Note: That English is the official language of The Global Scavenger Hunt

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