“He who would travel happily must travel lightly.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We at The Global Scavenger Hunt™ believe you should always be prepared—like every good Boy or Girl Scout—because you never really know what you might need or when you might need it. Your safety, security, and health are our primary concerns.

Our Travelers Packing List has been refined and evolved over the years because of being tried and tested annually on our real-world adventure. It is not meant to cover every travel situation but merely serves as a good guide; it will, we believe, enhance your coming global adventure. It will also help prevent Packer’s Block from occurring—that irrational inability to intelligently decide what you really need—and not to take! Obviously, different strokes for different folks, as there is no right way. (Well, there is, actually!)

Our advice is to pack as smartly, simply, and lightly as possible, to ward off the equally dreaded Packer’s Stoop—the consequence of carrying too much stuff. Symptoms include excessive sweating, marriage dissolution, fear of theft, hernias, teammate squabbles, extra fees, and extreme upper-body muscle development. Honestly, a simple roller bag & daypack will suffice.

You have no doubt read all the advice and heard all the clichés. But lest we forget those sage nuggets, indulge me in paraphrasing them for you, as we believe it is really freakin’ important. Here goes: Some say that how you pack your bags defines your journey and that less stuff equals less worries. True enough; embrace minimalism and enjoy more experiences. If YOU can’t carry it — it shouldn’t go! (Bill’s Travel Rule #1) The lighter your burden, the more pleasant your journey—is true. It makes sense to pack light: security reasons—the less you have, the less you can lose; better mobility—easier to move; it’s economical—you don’t have to tip anybody, and doing laundry is always cheaper than paying for extra bags; it’s quicker too—you don’t have to wait for your bags anywhere, and no-checking issues.

That said, know these things are working in your favor as you contemplate packing: 1) We will be traveling the globe during early spring (late fall), so don’t think extreme weather; but cool evenings are likely—so, layer up. Rain is always a possibility between the Tropics—so layer up; 2) On every trip, some heavily-laden travelers inevitably jettison and ship some of their unneeded stuff home—know you can too; 3) They have laundry services at most of our hotels—utilize it; 4) We avoid packing: denim, 100% cotton shirts, cotton undergarments, heavy wools, and anything that requires ironing; 5) Know that you couldn’t possibly take everything that we list—although foolish folks have tried—so please be wise in your choices and save money by packing smart and light; and finally, 6) Know that the world is full of consumer-friendly stores if perchance you really need something somewhere along the way.

One caveat: When taking Rx’s, carry all medications—even vitamins & supplements—in their original, clearly marked containers in a clear plastic bag in carry-on luggage. And make sure the name on the prescription, the medicine container, and your passport all match.

Please, use our time-tested advice and pack light!

Finally, please know that you couldn’t possibly take everything that we list below—although a few foolish folks have tried—so please be wise in your choices & save money by packing smart & light.

The Global Scavenger Hunt Packing List:

Essential Toiletries (optimize & share):
required RXs in original bottles
allergies? EpiPen, decongestants, histamines
eyewear (glasses or contacts, sunglasses)

vitamins (23-day supply in pill baggies)

sun protection (waterproof & SPF 30)

30-50% DEET-based insect repellent

pain relievers: aspirin/Aleve/Tylenol/ibuprofen
a 10-day supply of antibiotics
tummy kit: antacid tablets, Imodium, Lomotil, Pepto-Bismol, laxatives, fiber supps

liquid Band-Aid + bandages
antibiotic cream (Neosporin, Bacitracin)

non-drowsy cold medicine

sleeping aids, Melatonin, herbal teas
stash of 5-Hour energy drinks or chocolate-covered espresso beans

tiger balm, blister pads, moleskin
lip balm
razors + small nail clippers + tweezers

­ toothbrush/paste + floss
feminine products
shampoo & conditioners (hotels have these!)

contraceptives (Who’s getting lucky!?)


nasal moisturizer spray

motion sickness relief

hand sanitizer/towelettes

 Useful Stuff to Consider:
reusable synthetic tote bag
travel plug adaptors
USB charger cords/solar charger
USB rechargeable batteries?
mini-LED rechargeable flashlight/headlamp
small waterproof phone/gadget dry bag
extra 16-gig digital camera chips

lightweight Bluetooth speaker
noise-canceling headphones or earbuds
Swiss Army knife (stowed in checked bag only)
notepad w/ pens
cheap watch
alarm clock (if not on phone or watch)
extra resealable Ziplock plastic baggies

address list for postcards
small gifts for children (balloons, stickers, balls, pens & pencils—no candy!)

fun team biz cards with names & websites
sewing repair kit

crispy $1 bills (for tips, fees & baksheesh)

snacks/energy bars (maybe 1 for each day)
quick dry travel towel
laundry bag
power bank w/ adaptors
lightweight mini-tripod

Flying Comfort Kit (packed in carry on):
refillable water bottle
airplane snacks: nuts/dried fruit/candy/energy bars
warm layer (shawl or hoody)  
portable media: iPad or mini-laptop
downloaded music, movies & books
noise-reduction headphones or earbuds
sleep eye mask, ear plugs + neck pillow?
lip balm + moisturizer
tissue + hand wipes (hand sanitizer)
chewing gum/mints
lightweight travel towel/washcloth
4-visa photos
charger cords
optional change of clothes (top + pants)
get an inflatable Nemo Fillo pillow!
Inflight masks?

Items for Women (the essentials):
1 – lightweight waterproof/windbreaker jacket

1 – hat (floppy or cap)
1 – warm sweater, fleece pullover or hoodie

1 – walking casual shoes/sneakers/flip-flops

5 – socks (dress & athletic)

5 – underwear/bras

1 – sleep clothes
1/2 – sarongs or casual skirts, LBD

2 – lightweight casual pants (khaki’s/travel)

1 – swimsuit
1/2 – shorts
3 – T-shirts, polos

5 – long & short-sleeve blouses

1 – belt (double as money belt optional)
1 – headscarf and/or bandanna

1 – Pashmina (for modesty + planes)
faux wedding band (leave real one at home)

Items for Men (the essentials):

1 – lightweight waterproof/windbreaker jacket

1 – hat (floppy or cap)
1 – warm sweater, fleece pullover or hoodie

1 – walking casual shoes/sneakers/flip-flops

5 – socks (dress & athletic)

5 – underwear

1 – sleep clothes
2 – lightweight casual pants (khaki’s/travel)

1 – swimsuit (double as casual shorts)
1/2 – shorts
3 – T-shirts, polos

5 – long & short-sleeve shirts

1 – belt (double as money belt optional)
1 – scarf or bandanna

Have copies of (on your phone, emailed to yourself, printed, with teammate): Passport; RX’s; credit cards; travel insurance; emergency contacts; driver’s license.

Global Scavenger Hunt
™ Packing Tips:

Bill’s Packing Rules of Thumb:

> The single biggest travel mistake? Overpacking! Pack small, live large.
> Adage: Pack half the stuff—bring twice the money!

> Resist the urge to pack more “just in case“—they’re called stores!

> Take nothing you can’t bear losing.

> Truism: There’s no bad weather, only bad gear! Buy quality stuff.

> Stick to a twin-color (darkish) scheme for versatility & layers.

> Optimize: Split necessities 50/50 in your teammate’s bag—if lost, you’re still okay.

> Optimize: Think about items you can share.

> Pack old socks & underwear—throw away!

> Roll up your clothes—don’t fold them.
> The Holy Grail of Packing? The judicious use of large Ziploc bags. Trust me!

> Put daily pills/Rx’s in 2″x2″ pill bags.
> Tuck socks, underwear, or longish doodads into your shoes.
> Take care of your feet: wear comfortable, not stylish shoes—break in before you go!

> Wrap your heavy items in the middle & bottom of the bag.

> 3:1—three tops for every bottom you pack

> Have a digital photo of bag, just in case!
> Think wrinkle-free, UPF protection lightweight breathable microfiber-blend clothes.

> Buy shirts + pants with zipper pockets for extra security.
> One word about the unpredictability of weather & clothes: Layers!

> Use a scented dryer sheet in your bag—it keeps clothes smelling fresh & clean.

> Take items that are utilitarian dual-use.
> Use transparent silicone travel-size bottles

> Always pack airplane snacks to maintain blood sugar.
> Have a copy of medical & eyeglass Rx’s.
> KISS—keep it simple stupid!

Pre-Departure Checklist:

> valid passport with Mandatory 5-empty pages + 6 months validity (6 Nov 2023)

> 4-passport photos for VOA (Mandatory)

> 23-day supply of recommended Rx’s
> emergency contacts

> travel insurance
> cold hard cash stash ($20 bills are good)
> setup WhatsApp, Facetime & VPN connections
credit cards & ATM Cards (Maybe let corps know you will be traveling.)

> scans + copies of all docs & then email to yourself too

> all immunizations booster updated: tetanus & polio, typhoid series, Hep-A, Gamma globulin, Covid boosters, etc
> antimalarial prophylaxis (Malarone)

Travel Gear (Suggestions):

> 1 main roller bag—20 kilos (44 lbs) max

> TSA-approved luggage locks

> a daypack/sling bag

> money belt/security pouch (optional)

> extra present/tchotchke bag (optional)

Stuff You Probably Won’t Need:

> Jewelry

> Travelers Checks, really. ATM’s!
> Guidebooks (verboten!)

> Umbrella

> Scarf & gloves

> Perfume & cologne
> Hiking boots

> Blow dryer (hotels have them)

> Iron—three words: wrinkle-free clothes

> Language phrasebook + currency converter

> Please leave camouflage military-style clothes at home!
> Your vanity! No one cares what you look like…just be the real you.

What Do Travelers Most Often Forget?
> That they are married!?
> Their manners—no hats indoors!
> Personal hygiene items.
> Power cords (converters + outlet adaptors)
> Back-up vision (glasses, contacts, sunglasses)
> Enough Rx’s
> Earplugs + headphones
> An extra layer (sweater or hoody)
> Bathing suit

Things to Do Before you leave Home:

> Change voicemail

> STOP all home deliveries + mail

> Pay your taxes or file an extension.

> Unplug the computer after you back it up.

> Put a few house lights on timer switches
> Arrange pet care and/or gardening care.

> Prepay necessary bills.

> Set an electronic “On GreatEscape2023 be back May 7th” notice revert on emails
> Do the dishes, take the trash out—yucky!

> Leave your expectations at home.
Leave all loved ones on great emotional terms.
> Unplug & let go…you’re going on a trip, not dying…!

Did we miss something on our Packing List?
Please let us know at GSH @ GlobalScavengerHunt dot com

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