Our annual travel adventure event is called The Global Scavenger Hunt™.

It will take you around the world (literally). Our most recent event took place over 23 days in the Fall of 2024–dates TBD–with an exclusive group of great international travelers. It is the “world travel championship” and FREE around-the-world trip to the winners along with The World’s Greatest Travelers™ trophy and crown.*

It will take you on a challenging, participatory and authentic travel adventure competition to ten exotic countries…but we won’t tell you which ten countries because it is also A Blind date with the World™!

A previous site-doing event route has looked like this…

In Vancouver, kayak around Granville Island and learn the ancient First Nation techniques of totem pole carving.

In Kyoto, shop for, prepare and serve a traditional Japanese meal before taking a 320 km/h bullet train to Mount Fuji.

In Luang Prabang, travel up the Mekong River and explore ancient Buddha caves before partaking in the village-wide Songkran water festival.

In Chiang Mai, spend the day at an elephant rescue sanctuary after biking to the morning market for your breakfast.

In Mandalay, spend the day offering your time and energy at an orphanage before attending an evening meditation ritual in the Royal Palace.

In Colombo, learn the delicate art of the stilt fishermen in the calm morning waters of the Indian Ocean before attending a sundown ritual along the ramparts of Galle Fort.

By following a series of scavenger hunt clues make your way by camel, train, boat and foot from Marrakesh to Lisbon to Barcelona.

In Cartagena, make your own Panama hat before snorkeling a local Caribbean island to catch your dinner.

In Miami, be crowned The World’s Greatest Travelers™, win a FREE trip and other prizes…and maybe become famous!

Easy, peasy right?…And more fun than should be allowed. Here’s our two minute video spiel:

Interested? Great! Apply today…participation is limited as other great travelers also think they have what it takes to win a traveling around the world event…

Here’s all the inks you need to move forward and take one adventurous global leap of faith:
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39 reasons to say YES! to participating in The Global Scavenger Hunt:
Because it is like playing spin the globe.
Because reality will exceed expectations.
Because magic still exists.
Because adventure still exists.
Because there is joy in sharing an adventure.
Because it will challenge you like nothing before.
Because you will break bread with strangers.
Because it will make you feel small.
Because there is nothing grander then feeling small.
Because you will give back and make the world a better place.
Because it will make you feel big.
Because it will make laugh and cry.
Because it will bring you closer to beauty.
Because trusting strangers in strange lands is absolutely exhilarating.
Because it will increase your connectivity with the world…and everything in it.
Because you will realize that there are no real boundaries between we the people.
Because you will exit your comfort zone.
Because it makes you happy to be alive.
Because ogling natural wonders feels really good.
Because several appetizers are sometimes better than one main course.
Because seeing it for yourself is like being in a postcard—only better.
Because you will be introduced to pre-industrial modes of transport.
Because it is not about sightseeing—but site-doing.
Because you will need to pack your daring, creativity, resourcefulness and spontaneity.
Because you will know the color Aegean blue does exist.
Because sometimes the destination is not the ends—only the means of greater discovery.
Because trips take people.
Because it is the ultimate piece of performance art filled with exotic backdrops, action and drama.
Because it ends up being a transformative journey.
Because the awe factor is high and the wows many.
Because there can be authentic travel in the age of reality TV.
Because you shouldn’t wait till next year for life to happen.
Because circling the globe has always been your dream.
Because you will become a thrillionaire.
Because it is the world travel championship.
Because it cures the seen-it-all blues.
Because you will achieve travel rapture.
Because it is indeed life-changing.
And because it is just plain fun!

Please, if you have any additional questions, please email us:
gsh {at} GlobalScavengerhunt (dot) com.

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