Top 10 Lists

Serious travelers™ love lists! So do we; who doesn’t? It keeps conversations short and focuses attention. Check, check…done that, done that

Through the years, we have assembled our own collection (100 so far!) of Best of or Top 10 travel lists. Yes, we know they are all purely subjective—aren’t they all? They are created in both the spirit of fun and for sharing our travel war stories with fellow travelers…the good, the bad and ugly. They do change and evolve over time—as all good travel stories do, right!?

Enjoy them. Debate them. Your comments are of course welcome…and we are sure there will be some.

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(Last updated – 11 May 2020)
100 Fun, Interesting, Debatable, Silly Top Ten Travel Lists:
Top Ten Memorable Sunrises:
Top Ten Memorable Sunsets:
The Ten Travel Commandments:
Ten Best Travel Tunes:
12 Traveler Personality Types:
Ten Things Missing in 21st Century Travel:
Ten Best Global Cuisines:
Ten Worst Global Cuisines:
Ten Wonderful Train Stations:
Ten Great Places to Sleep:
Ten Wonderful Medium Sized Cities:
Ten Ideas of Travel Paradise:
The Ten Best Travel Movies:
Top Ten Reasons to Travel:
Ten Things We Love about Traveling:
Phrases We Hate to Hear When Traveling:
The 10 Worst Travel Clichés:
A Bakers Dozen of Wonders To See In South American:
Top Ten Eating Out Rules:
Top Ten Mass Transit Systems:
Our Top Ten Favorite Local Transport Options:
The Top Ten Watering Holes (Okay, Twentyish!):
Ten Unusual Things to See Traveling the World:
A Few Either/Or Choices:
Dante’s Nine Rings of Travel Hell (circa 2015):
Our Top Ten Favorite Streets:
The Ten Worst Flights To Take:
The World’s Ten Must See Aquariums:
Ten Views Worth the Trip:
Our Top Ten Travel Pet Peeves:
Our Favorite Travel Books (Contemporary Edition):
Our Favorite Travel Books (The Classics):
The Top Ten Missing Wonders of the World:
A Few of Our Favorite Mosques:
Top Ten Shopping Areas:
Top Ten Travel Truisms:
Top Ten Travel Rip-Offs:
Top Ten Missing Natural Wonders of The World:
Ten Of Our Favorite Global Boat Rides:
Top Ten Great Big Cities:
Ten Places Too Cute for their own Good:
Top Indian Subcontinent Must-See Sites:
The Top Museums of the World:
Favorite Online Museums:
Top Ten Entertainment Venues:
Top Ten Sporting Must-See’s:
The Ten Best Things to do in Winter:
The Top Japanese Must-See Sites:
Great Pilgrimages:
The Seven Deadly Sins of Travelers:
Our Favorite Bridges:
Our Favorite Burial Sites:
Our Favorite Skiing Areas:
Our Favorite Windsurfing Spots:
Top Ten Port’s-o-Call:
Top Chinese Must-See Sites:
Top Ten Reasons For Traveling:
Some of the Most Memorable Sights:
A Beginners Bucket List:
Our Favorite Ruins:
Our Ten Favorite Wine Regions:
Ten Great International Train Rides:
Ten Great International Drives:
Ten Great International Walks:
Our Favorite Global Villages:
Ten Amazing International Dive Spots:
Top International Beaches:
Ten Gorgeous Global Gardens:
Some of Our Favorite International Things:
The World’s Best Water Falls:
Ten Things Still to do on My Livings List (aka Bucket List):
Top Ten Travel Related Indicators:
Our Favorite North American Festivals:
Top Sub-Saharan African Natural Wonders:
Our Favorite Global People Watching Places:
The Worst Tourist Ghettos:
Top Ten Public Squares:
Our Ten Favorite Places (So far…):
Our Favorite Beers of the World:
The Ten Worst Travel Scams:
Our Favorite Rock n’ Roll Destinations:
Top Ten Political Shrines:
Top Ten Public Statues:
Top Ten Amazing Fountains:
Our Favorite Global Festivals:
The World’s Ten Best Climate Destinations:
The 10 Best Ever Travel-Friendly Inventions:
The World’s Top 10 Favorite Global Dishes:
The 10 Worst Cities in the World:
Ten Destinations we are Loving to Death:
The Top Ten Worst Global Tourist Traps:
Ten Terrible Recent World Heritage Losses:
Ten Notorious Cultural Faux Pas:
Ten Reasons Cruises Suck:
The Ten Most Overrated Destinations:
The Ten Most Corrupt Destinations (That Travelers Actually Visit):
Ten Thrilling/Scary Borders to Cross:
Top Ten WTF!? Unnatural Wonders Of The World:
The Things Serious Travelers™ Know:

Top Ten Memorable Sunrises:

Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Bagan Plains, Myanmar
Everglades National Park, Florida, USA
Grand Canyon, North Rim, USA
Guilin, China
Ipanema Beach, Rio, Brazil
Machu Picchu, Peru
Masada Nat Park, Israel
Pokhara- Anaupara range, Nepal
Wailia Volcano, Maui, USA

Top Ten Memorable Sunsets:

Africa House Bar, Zanzibar
Canima Lagoon, Venezuela
Mekong River, Luang Prabang, Laos
Midnight Sun, Iceland
Monument Valley, Utah, USA
Negril Beach, Jamaica
Pacific Coast Highway, Late-Summer, Malibu, California, USA
Malecón, Havana, Cuba
Santorini, Greece
Thunder Bay, Ontario

The Ten Travel Commandments:
1) Thou shall leave thy expectations at home;
2) If thy cannot carry it—thy shalt not take it;
3) Be it that every destination be worth at least one visit—if only to know that
thy shall never wish to return to it;
4) Thee most interesting people you shall meet will be those trying to get at your
money, but remember that most of them are not trying to rip you off;
5) Thou shall seek out the transition zones, the places in between: borders,
sunrise/sunset, weather changes, nature, juxtapositions of old versus new,
morning and end of day routines, rituals, festivals, shore lines, etc., etc.;
6) Thou shall try new things all the time…even if only once;
7) Thou shall slow down and smell the divinity of the roses;
8) Thou shalt be curious, ask questions, listen, be humble and learn;
9) Thou shalt walk whenever thy can, mingle with the masses by taking public
10) Thou shall not pack thy fear and cynicism about your brothers and sisters of the world…be open and be gracious.

Ten Best Travel Tunes:
“Big World” Joe Jackson
“Homeward Bound” Simon & Garfunkel
“I’ve Been Everywhere” Johnny Cash
“Running on Empty” Jackson Browne
“1,000 Miles” Dwight Yoakam
“Leaving on a Jet Plane” Peter, Paul & Mary
“Ramble On” Led Zeppelin
“Midnight Rider” The Allman Brothers Band
“Tangled Up in Blue” Bob Dylan
“On the Road Again” Willie Nelson

12 Traveler Personality Types:

Trophy Travelers
Escorted Tour Travelers
Special Interest Travelers
Adventurer Travelers
Self-Indulgent Travelers
Independent Package Travelers
Contrarian Travelers
Urban Sophisticate Travelers
Great Outdoors Travelers
Beach Bum Travelers
Foodie Travelers
Cheapskate Travelers


Ten Things Missing in 21st Century Travel:
Getting postcards
Talking with other travelers in hotel lobbies
Seeking out the International Herald Tribune
People dressed nice
Sneaking into First Class
Pan Am
Being inaccessible
Allowing for absence to make the heart grow fonder
The Thrill of being hijacked…kidding!

Ten Best Global Cuisines:

bento box

Ten Worst Global Cuisines:
Chinese (I know, they made both lists?!)

Ten Wonderful Train Stations:

Chhatrapati Shivaji (Victoria Terminus), Mumbai
Grand Central Station, New York
Osaka Station, Japan
Antwerp Central, Belgium
Gare Du Nord, Paris
Union Station, Washington DC
Amsterdam Central, Netherlands
Gare do Oriente, Lisbon
St. Pancras, London
Milano Centrale, Italy

Ten Great Places to Sleep:
Under the stars the desert
On a tropical island beach
The Bangkok Oriental
Next to someone you love
Next to someone you want to love
With your kid in a tent
On a moored sailboat in harbor
On a night train
At a great big city hotel
Next to a campfire hiking

Ten Wonderful Medium Sized Cities:
Cuzco, Peru
Kyoto, Japan
Santa Fe, USA
Florence, Italy
Prague, Czech
Burges, Belgium
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Porto, Portugal
La Palma, Spain
Mendoza, Argentina

Ten Ideas of Travel Paradise:
The Amalfi Coast
The Greek Islands
Up-country Bali
The Dalmatian Coast
Whistler/Blackcomb Mountain
Paris in the spring
A cross country drive
A week at a lake front cottage
Open ended traveling

The Ten Best Travel Movies:
The Motorcycle Diaries (2004)
Around the World in 80 Day (1956)
Indiana Jones (1981)
Seven Years in Tibet (1997)
Sheltering Sky (1990)
The Man Who Would Be King (1975)
Until the End of the World (1991)
Out of Africa (1985)
Endless Summer (1966)
Airplane (1980)

Top Ten Reasons to Travel:
The food
The smells
The sunsets
The smiles
The art
The serendipity
The adventure
Never ending learning
Challenging yourself
Getting away from it all…

Ten Things We Love about Traveling:

• lack of daily routine and being on a come-what-may travel schedule;
• out of comfort zone and default operating position;
• variety: new sights, new food, new cultures, new people;
• constant learning & always questioning your assumptions;
• feeling alive and in the moment and re-introducing yourself
to your five best friends—your senses!
• feeling the breeze on a boat traveling some exotic river;
• hearing my footsteps echo in a medieval cathedral;
• smelling the exotic spices walking through an ancient souk;
• hearing the clink of cocktail glasses and silverware in Venice;
• arriving with anticipation in a new destination;
• willingly getting up to watch the sunrise…in Bagan, among other beguiling destinations.
PVG gals

Phrases We Hate to Hear When Traveling:

…it’s just a mechanical delay!”
”…trust me…”
“…please get into the back seat of the police car!”
“…please follow me for a secondary search!”
“…sorry, we have no record of your reservation!”
“…that’s it, no more luggage left!”
“…your passport is gone!”
“…your flight has been canceled!”
“…that was the last plane out tonight!”
“…all the ATM’s are out.”
“…your card has been declined, do you have another one?”
“…please fasten your seat belts, we’re in for a few bumps. Flight attendants, please be seated.”

The 10 Worst Travel Clichés:
The French are rude.
Been there, done that, what’s next?
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
It is a land of contrasts.
Discerning travelers know…
It is off-the-beaten track.
There is something for everyone here.
Home is where the heart is.
No matter where you go—there you are.
When in Rome…

A Bakers Dozen of Wonders To See In South American:

Andes Mountains
Angel Falls (Venezuela)
Colca Canyon (Peru)
Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
Atacama Desert (Chile & Peru)
Iguassu/Iguazu Falls (Argentina & Brazil)
Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia)
Pantanal (Brazil)
Amazon Delta
Torres del Paine (Chile)
La Grand Sabana (Venezuela)
Lake Titicaca (Peru & Bolivia)
Tierra del Fuego (Argentina)

Top Ten Eating Out Rules:
Never order fish on a Monday.
If you can’t see the water, don’t eat the fish.
Never eat at an establishment with a dirty washroom.
Forget the buffets, but if you do…scan it first.
If you don’t recognize what you’re eating, wait until after it’s finished to ask what it is!
Don’t eat the Guinee pig.
Make sure the pork is cooked.
Eat a busy place, not an empty place
Avoid set tourist menus.
Don’t eat where you sleep.

Top Ten Mass Transit Systems:

Amsterdam’s bikes
Barcelona’s Metro
Hong Kong-Kowloon Star Ferry
London’s Underground
Los Angeles Freeways
Moscow’s Metro
Paris’s Metro
San Francisco’s Cable Cars & Street Cars
Venice’s Vaporetti boats
Swiss Highway Tunnels
fra station

Our Top Ten Favorite Local Transport Options:
Felucca in Egypt
Bullet Trains in Japan
Long-tail boats in Bangkok
Biking in Amsterdam & Copenhagen
Uber in New York
BC Ferries
Savannah’s St Charles Ave Street Cars
Ambassador cabs in Delhi
Manila jeepneys
Hong Kong-Macau hydrofoils

The Top Ten Watering Holes (Okay, Twentyish!):
Africa House, Zanzibar
Bird House Bar, Anchorage, Alaska
Bloody Mary’s, Bora Bora
Cafe Commercial, Madrid, Spain
Cafe Hungria, Budapest, Hungary
Cafe Kazze, Tel Aviv, Israel
Cafe Santa, Deia, Mallorca, Spain
Caribou Club, Aspen, Colorado, USA,
Chaya Venice, Santa Monica, USA
Dragon Room, Pink Adobe, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
FCCC, Phnom Penh
Harry’s Bar, Venice, Italy
King’s Head, Islington, London, England
Kipling Bar at Strand Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar
La Gritta, Portofino, Italy
Long Bar, Raffles, Singapore
Million Dollar Bar, Jackson, Wyoming, USA
Sheraton, Telluride, Colorado, USA
Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland
The Truck, Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan
Tito’s on Baga Beach, Goa, India
Widder Bar in Widder Hotel, Zurich, Switzerland

Ten Unusual Things to See Traveling the World:
Dongchuan, Red Land in China
Glass Beach, Fort Bragg – California
The crystal blue waters of Levanzo, Sicily
Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Japan
Any great animal migration
Sunflower fields of France
The Northern Lights
Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines
Monument Valley at sunrise or sunset
Snow ghosts
snow ghosts

A Few Either/Or Choices:
Florida or Hawaii? (Hawaii)
Rome or Florence? (Florence)
LA or SF? (SF)
Paris or London? (Paris)
ATL or O’Hare? (ATL)
10 day trip or three 4-day trips? (10 day trips)
Louvre Musee or Musee O’rsay? (O’rsay)
Europe or Asia? (Asia)
Vienna or Berlin? (Vienna)
Croatia or Cinque de Terre? (Croatia)
Panama or Mexico? (Panama)
Hong Kong or Singapore? (HGK)
De Gaulle or Heathrow for connections? (De Gaulle)
Window or Aisle? (Window)
Turkey or Greece? (Turkey)
Prague or Budapest? (Budapest)
Australia or New Zealand? (NZ)
Beijing or Shanghai? (Beijing)
Dubai or Las Vegas? (Vegas…easier to get to and you can kiss in public!)
Bangkok or Singapore? (Bangkok)
Bali or Phuket? (Bali)
France or Italy? (Italy)
Amsterdam or Copenhagen? (Copenhagen)
7-day cruise or 7-day resort? (Resort)
Disneyland or Disney World? (Save your money & stay home)
Buenos Aries or Rio di Janeiro? (Rio)
Machu Picchu or Angkor Wat? (Machu Picchu)
Tanzania or Zambia? (Zambia)
Uganda or Angola? (Angola)
China or Vietnam? (Vietnam)
Nepal or Tibet? (Nepal)
Dubai or Qatar? (Dubai)
…we could go on.

Dante’s Nine Rings of Travel Hell (circa 2015):
1. The Post 9/11 travel motto: hurry up and wait!
2. A la carte Airline pricing that literally nickel and dimes you to death!
3. Spoiled, “Don’t you know who I am?” travelers…you know who they are!
4. The general state of US domestic flying…it went from bad to worse!
5. My secret fear of running out of reading material on the plane or during delays.
6. Being charged for spending my money by banks…ATM usage fees, currency conversion penalties and international transaction fees oh my!
7. Renting a hotel room for a day and not being able to stay for a full day—which by the way is 24-hours!
8. Paying anyone for Wi-Fi.
9. Boarding planes…folks, last rows first please…like filling a glass—you can’t start at the top and go down!

Our Top Ten Favorite Streets:
Fifth Avenue, New York
Champs-Elysees, Paris
Avenida de Mao, Buenos Aires
Bourbon Street, New Orleans
Avinguda de Gaudi, Barcelona
The Bund, Shanghai
Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem
Long Acre, London
Khao an Road, Bangkok
Sesame Street (Just checking if you’re reading this!)

The Ten Worst Flights To Take:

The World’s Ten Must See Aquariums:
Monterey Bay Aquarium, California
Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, China
National Aquarium, Baltimore
L’Oceanografic, Valencia, Spain
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan
Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta
Sea Life Busan Aquarium, South Korea
Genoa Aquarium, Italy
Two Oceans Aquarium, South Africa
Vancouver Aquarium, Canada

Ten Views Worth the Trip:
Belfry Tower, Bruges, Belgium
Campanile over St, Mark’s Square, Venice, Italy
City Walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia
CN Tower, Toronto, Canada
Corcovado & Sugarloaf, Rio, Brazil
Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Empire State Building, Manhattan, USA
La Torre Latinoamericana, Mexico City
Phou Si Temple, Laung Prabang, Laos
Sydney Harbor Bridge, Australia
strawberry fields

Our Top Ten Travel Pet Peeves:
Talkative American travelers!
When airlines never tell the truth about flight delays?
The many too lines for Third World flight departures!
Scandalous inflight conditions: no legroom, bad food, poor service, bad air, advertising as entertainment.
Lack of consistency for carry-on luggage rules.
Lack of mass transit into downtown areas.
The German’s (ROT) ritual of towels (They save the best beach sites at 5 am).
Being woken up by maid service at 8:00AM.
Airline advertising flight prices (one-way based on round-trip purchase…kind of like giving you the price of one shoe!)

Our Favorite Travel Books (Contemporary Edition):
Jaguars Ripped My Flesh” by Tim Cahill
Video Night in Kathmandu” & “The Global Soul” by Pico Iyer
Holidays In Hell” by P.J. O’Rourke
Sacred Roads” by Nicholas Shrady
In The Footsteps of Alexander The Great” by Michael Wood
A Blind Date With The World” by William D. Chalmers
Incidents of Travel in Yucatan” by John Llody Stephens
The Art of Pilgrimage” by Phil Cousineau
Journey Without Maps” by Graham Greene
Bad Trips” Edited by Keath Fraser
A Movable Feast” by Ernst Hemmingway
The Sheltering Sky” by Paul Bowles
Innocents Abroad” by Mark Twain
Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage” by Lord Byron
On The Road” by Jack Kerouac
The Seven Pillars of Wisdom” by T.E. Lawrence

Our Favorite Travel Books (The Classics):
Around the World in Eighty Days” by Jules Verne
The Travels” by Marco Polo
Travels” by Inb Battuta
Castaways” by Alvar Nunez Cabera de Vaca
Mutiny on the Bounty” by William Bligh
Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile” by John H. Speke
Journals” by Meriwether Lewis & William Clark
Journals” by James Cook
Through The Dark Continent” by Henry M. Stanley
The Voyage of the Beagle” by Charles Darwin
Principal Navigations” by Richard Hakluyt
homo touristicus

The Top Ten Missing Wonders of the World:
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Chichén Itzá, Mexico
Bagan Plains, Myanmar
Borobudur, Java, Indonesia
Forbidden City, Beijing, China
Machu Picchu, Peru
Petra, Jordan
Portola, Lhasa, Tibet
Terra Cotta Army, Xi’an, China
Tikal, Guatemala

A Few of Our Favorite Mosques:
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Iran
Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, Spain
Koutoubia Mosque, Morocco
Blue Mosque, Istanbul
Aya Sofya, Istanbul
Ibn Tulun, Egypt
Blue Mosque, Cairo, Egypt
Hassan II Mosque, Morocco
Ubudiah Mosque, Malaysia
Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque, Malaysia
Jama Masjid, Delhi, India
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi
Masjid Sultan Qaaboos, Oman

Top Ten Shopping Areas:
Amsterdam side streets, Holland
Damnoen Saduak’s Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand
Barkhor Bazaar-Jokhang, Lhasa, Tibet
Cairo Bazaar, Egypt
Kurfurstendamm, Berlin, Germany
Venice Beach, Venice California, USA
Pisca Market, Peru
Via Condotti, Rome, Italy
Thamel, Katmandu, Nepal
Toledo Street, Naples, Italy
Ginza Shopping District, Tokyo, Japan
Witches Market, La Paz, Bolivia
i can't look

Top Ten Travel Truisms:
-whenever you finally book, the price goes down the next day!
-planes are usually late departing—except when your flight is arriving a few minutes late…than
your connecting flights will be on time!
-you will always forget something that you should have remembered to bring on the way to the airport!
-your luggage always arrives last!
-housekeeping will always knock when you are napping or in the middle of, well, you know…
-despite weather forecast, you will experience bad weather on arrival!
-your camera will run out of batteries at the wrong time!
-your wakeup call will be late!
-you will arrive home before your postcards do!
-the more expensive the cost, the longer the TripAdvisor review!

Top Ten Travel Rip-Offs:
Airport Transportation To Downtown Areas
Car Rental Insurance
Airport Departure Taxes
Dinner in Tokyo (Heck, anywhere in Japan!)
Single Traveler Supplements
Local Hotel Taxes
One-Way Fares
Hotel Telephone Surcharges
Credit Card Surcharges
Water from the Minibar

Top Ten Missing Natural Wonders of The World:
Angel Falls, Venezuela
Everglades, Florida, USA
Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland
Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Monument Valley, Utah, USA
Serengeti Wildlife Migration, Kenya-Tanzania
Three Gorges, Yangtze River, China
Yosemite Valley, California, USA
Pantanal, Brazil
Greenland’s glaciers (Soon to be really missing!)

Ten Of Our Favorite Global Boat Rides:
Bangkok Canals & Chao Praya River, Thailand
Felucca up the Nile in Luxor to Cairo, Egypt
Greek Islands Ferry, Greece
House boating on Lake Powell, USA
Irrawaddy River, Myanmar
Rajang River, Malaysia, Borneo
San Juan Islands Ferry, Washington, USA
Seine in Paris, France
Star Ferry in Hong Kong, China
Water Buses, Venice
floating market

Top Ten Great Big Cities:
New York
Hong Kong
San Francisco
Rio de Janeiro

Ten Places Too Cute for their own Good:
Bhatupur, Nepal
Bruges, Belgium
Cartagena, Colombia
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Mont-St-Michel, France
Portifino, Italy
Venice, Italy
Thira, Greece
Carcassonne, France
Trabzon, Turkey

Top Indian Subcontinent Must-See Sites:
Ajanta Caves/Temples: east of Bombay, India
Agra: (Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Akbar’s Tomb), India
Amber Palace: Rajasthan, India
Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka
City Palace, Udaipur, India
Fatehpur Sikri: India
Golden Temple: Amritsar Punjab, India
Hampi/Vijayanagar: India
Jaipur’s “Pink City”: Rajasthan, India
Jami Masjid: India
Katmandu Valley:(Bodhnath, Swayambhunath and Pasupitinath temples, towns of Patan & Bhaktapur), Nepal
Mohenjo-Daro ruins: Sindh, Pakistan
Paharpur Monastery, Bangladesh
Palitana’s Jain temples: India
Raj Ghat, Mahatma Gandhi shrine, New Delhi, India
Sikkim’s monasteries: India
Taktsang, Bhutan

The Top Museums of the World:
British Museum, London
Met, New York
Louvre, Paris
Musee d’Orsay, Paris
State Hermitage, St. Petersburg
Egyptian Museum, Cairo
Archeological Museum, Athens
Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid
National Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City
Museo Oro del Peru, Lima
Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo
Shanxi Lishi Bowguan, Xi’an
Art Institute of Chicago, USA
National Palace Museum, Taipei
spy museum

Favorite Online Museums:
The Getty (USA)
National Gallery of Art (USA)
Museum Prado (Spain)
Hermitage (Russia)
Uffizi Gallery (Italy)
Metropolitan Museum of Art (USA)
Louvre (France)
Deutsches Museum (Germany)
Vatican Museums
Rijks Museum (Netherlands)
National Archeological Museum (Greece)
Topaki Palace Museum (Turkey)
Israel Museum
Museum d’Orsay (France)
National Museum (Czech Republic)
British Museum (England)
The National Gallery (England)
Library of Congress (USA)
Tate (England)
World Art Treasures (Directory)
Kunst Museum (Austria)
American Jazz Museum
Van Gogh Museum (Netherlands)

Top Ten Entertainment Venues:
Albert Hall: London, Great Britain
Apollo Theater: Harlem, New York, USA
Bolshoi Theatre: Moscow, Russia
Budokan: Tokyo, Japan
Estadio Maracanã: Rio, Brazil
Forum: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Madison Square Garden: New York, USA
Mariinsky Theater: St Petersburg, Russia
Teatro Alla Scala: Milan, Italy
Teatro Colon: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Top Ten Sporting Must-See’s:
Dragon Boat Races: Hong Kong, China
Elephant Roundup: Surin, Thailand
Indy 500: USA
Kentucky Derby: USA
Los Angeles Lakers vs. anybody, NBA Finals: Los Angeles, USA
Olympics (Winter & Summer): Anywhere
Royal Ascot: Great Britain
World Championship Boxing Heavyweight Fight: Las Vegas, USA
World Cup Soccer Match: Anywhere
World Series Game: Anywhere
2010 (294)
(especially when they beat the Celtics as in 2010!)

The Ten Best Things to do in Winter:
Ice Fishing on frozen lakes
Pond hockey anywhere
Canal skating in Amsterdam, Ottawa
Skiing the alps
Snow mobiling a national park
Tobogganing any hill
Winter Carnival, Quebec
Iditarod Dog Race, Alaska
Staying in an ice hotel
Sapporo Ice Festival, Japan

The Top Japanese Must-See Sites:
Nara: Todai-ji Temple & the Great Buddha, Kofukuji Temple, Kasuga Shrine, Gangoji Temple, Toshodaiji Temple, Noryuji Temple, etc.
Hiroshima Peace Shrine: Hiroshima
Korakuen Koen Gardens
Koya-san Temples: Koya-san
Kyoto: Imperial Palace, Nijo-jo Castle, Golden & Silver Pavilions, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Sanjusangen-do Temple, Kinkakuji Temple, Nigashi-Hongan-ji Temple, etc.
Tokyo: Meiji-jingu shrine, Senso-ji, Tsukiji market, Imperial Palace, etc.
Mozu Imperial Cemetery:
Mt. Fiji:
Tobu Castle:
Osaka-jo Castle: Osaka
Himeji-jo Castle: Kobe

The Great Pilgrimages:
To our ancestral roots.
Mecca, Audi Arabia
Lumbini, Nepal
Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Varanasi, India
Western Wall, Jerusalem
Golden Temple, Amritsar, India
Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem
Rome, Italy
Saut d’Eau Vodou Pilgrimage, Haiti
Fatima, Portugal
Lourdes, France
Mount Fiji, Japan
Sensoji Temple, Japan
Mount Kailas, Tibet
Walden Pond, USA
Graceland, Memphis, USA
Burning Man, USA

The Seven Deadly Sins of Travelers: 
(Although envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth and wrath continue to apply!)
1. Always looking for cheap;
2. Packing high expectations;
3. Putting off till tomorrow what you could do today;
4. Being a guest in a country and behaving badly…
5. Not doing enough prior research…
6. Being silly or drunk…or both!
7. Bad luck… wrong place at the wrong time not using your situational awareness

Our Favorite Bridges:
Akashi Kaikyo: Japan
Bridge of Sighs & Rialto: Venice, Italy
Brooklyn Bridge: New York City, USA
Charles Bridge: Prague, Czech Republic
Galata Bridge: Istanbul, Turkey
Golden Gate: San Francisco, USA
Harbor Bridge: Sydney, Australia
Luding Bridge: Sichuan, China
Old Bridge: Mostar, Yugoslavia (Destroyed in war)
Pont Neuf: Paris, France
Sand to Sea Causeway: Keys, Florida, USA
Tower Bridge: London, England
Ponte Vecchio: Florence, Italy

Our Favorite Burial Sites:
Arlington National, Washington D.C., USA
Catacombs of Paris, France
Cementaria de la Recoleta, Buenos Aries, Argentina
Ghats along the Ganges, Varanasi, India
New Orleans Above Ground Cemeteries, USA
Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Qing Tombs, China
Somme Valley, France
Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, Rome, Italy
Westminster Abbey, London, England

Our Favorite Skiing Areas:
Andorra: Soldeu
Argentina: Las Lenas and San Carlos de Bariloche
Austria: Innsbruck and Kitz Buhl
British Columbia: Whistler and Blackcomb
Chile: Portillo and Termas de Chilean
Colorado: Telluride, Vail and Aspen
France: Mont Blanc and Chamonix
California/Lake Tahoe: Mammoth and Squaw Valley,
New Mexico: Taos
Switzerland: St Moritz, Zermatt and Gstaad

Our Favorite Windsurfing Spots:
Cabo San Lucas, Baja, Mexico
Duck, Outer Banks, North Carolina, USA
Essaquira, Morocco
Ho’okipa Beach, Maui, USA
Isla De Coche, Venezuela
Palm Beach, Florida, USA
Paros, Greece
San Francisco Bay, USA
The Dulles, Columbia Gorge, Oregon, USA
Torguay, Victoria, Australia

Top Ten Port’s-o-Call:
Bora Bora
Grand Cayman
Hong Kong
St. Maarten

Top Chinese Must-See Sites:
Beijing: Great Wall, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Ming and Qing Tombs, Tin ‘Amen Square, Mao’s Mausoleum, etc.
Cave of a Thousand Buddha’s:
Dunhuang Chengdu Zoo: Sichuan (panda habitat)
Guilin: Reed Flute Caves, Li River, Elephant’s Trunk cave, Seven Peak Park, etc.
Little Goose Pagoda: Shaanxi
Three Gorges: Wu, Xiling and Qutang
Turfan Depression:
Xi’an: Terra Cotta Army, City Gate
Pyramids of Shensi,
Wild Goose Pagoda
Yuantong Temple & Stone Forest, Kunming
Yueyang Tower
Shanghai City
2 - PVG China 2013 (308)

Top Ten Reasons For Traveling:
Been there, done that, what’s next!? (aka Travel Addiction)
Historic Sites and National Parks
Night Life
Running away: But remember, No matter where you go, there you are!
Sex: 64% say sex is better on the road!
Sport Events and Cultural Festivals
To see how the other half lives. (Err, the other 98%)
Visiting Family & Friends

Some of the Most Memorable Sights:
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Bagan Plains, Myanmar
Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines
Chartres Cathedral, France
Delphi, Greece
Gap of Dunloe, Ireland
Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
Himalayas Sunset/Sunrise
Meknes, Morocco
Machu Picchu
Monument Valley Sunset
Petra, Jordan
Portola Palace, Lhasa, Tibet
Pyramids of Giza, Egypt
Serengeti Wildlife Migration, Kenya & Tanzania
Venice, Italy

A Beginners Bucket List:
A Himalayan Sunrise (Nepal/Tibet)
Monument Valley Sunrise (USA)
Venice by water (Italy)
The Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt)
Bagan Plains (Myanmar)
A sunset at Thira (Santorini, Greece)
Machu Picchu (Peru)
Angkor Wat (Cambodia)
Iguazu/Iguaçu Falls (Argentina/Brazil)
Taj Mahal (India)
Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

Our Favorite Ruins:
Acropolis, Athens, Greece
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Bagan Plains, Myanmar
Borobudur & Pramhbaum, Java, Indonesia
Egypt, the whole country!
Forum & Coliseum, Rome, Italy
Great Wall, China
Hampi, India
Machu Picchu, Peru
Petra, Jordan
Pompeii, Italy
Zanzibar Island, Tanzania
Al Khazneh on January 1, 2014 in Petra, Jordan

Our Ten Favorite Wine Regions:
Coonawrra Region: South Africa
Loire Valley: France
Napa Valley: California, USA
Piedmont Region: Italy
Rheims Region: France
Rioja Region: Spain
Tras-os-Montes Region: Portugal
Valley of Calchaquies: Mendoza, Argentina
Vaud Region: Switzerland
Wachau Region: Austria

Ten Great International Train Rides:
Bangkok to Singapore International Express: Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore
Castle-Rhine Rout: Germany
Chihuahua Pacifico: Sierra Madres/Copper Canyon, Mexico
Cuzco Express: Machu Picchu, Peru
Eurostar/Chunnel Express: France & Great Britain
Glacier Express: Switzerland (Bernina Express: Switzerland)
Mandalay Express: Mandalay-Rangoon, Myanmar
Marrakech Express: Morocco
Nile Express: Alexandria-Aswan along the Nile, Egypt
Train to the Clouds: Argentina
sri lanka train

Ten Great International Drives:
Adriatic/Dalmatian Coast Highway: Split-Dubrovnik, Croatia
Antrim Coast Road: Northern Ireland
Bavarian Route: Germany
Circle Road: Iceland
Corniche/Amalfi Coast Highway: Italy
Friendship Highway: Lhasa to Katmandu, Tibet-Nepal
Garden Route: South Africa
Jungle Descent: Bolivia
Andes Highway between Chile and Argentina
King Highway: Petra, Jordan

Ten Great International Walks:
Camino de Santiago: Spain
Canopy Walkway: Iquitos, Peru
Cinque Terre: Italy
City Walls Circuit: Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dark Lane: Wales
Great Wall of China
Inca Trail: Chile to Ecuador
Mt. Sinai walk at dawn: Egypt
Samaria Gorge: Crete
Sculpture Trail/Sea to Sea: Lake District, England
Swiss Path: Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
Teahouses Trek: Nepal
Ubud Rice Fields, Bali, Indonesia

Our Favorite Global Villages:
Annecy, France
Bagan, Myanmar
Bhatupur, Nepal
Bruges, Belgium
Cartagena, Columbia
Laung Phrabang, Laos
Marrakesh, Morocco
Oaxaca, Mexico
Positano, Italy
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Udaipur, India
Vallemosa, Mallorca, Spain
Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia

Ten Amazing International Dive Spots:
Aldabra Atoll: Seychelles
Banana Reef: Maldives
Coral Coast: Belize
Blue Corner: Palau, Micronesia
Delos: Greece
Dahlac Marine National Park: Ethiopia
Great Astrolabe Reef & Rainbow Reef: Fiji
Great Barrier Reef: Australia
Sipadan Island: Borneo, Malaysia
Washington-Slagbaii National Park: Bonaire

Top International Beaches:
Anse Source: Seychelles
Bondi Beach: Sydney, Australia
Boracay Island: Philippines
Ile Sainte Marie: Madagascar
Matana Beach: Fiji
Nha Trang: Vietnam
Pantai Kecil (Little Beach): Bali, Indonesia
Playa de la Soledad: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Punta Uva Beach: Costa Rica
Great Barrier Reef, Hamilton Island: Australia
La Costa Beach (Malibu, USA)
Summer July 2012 012

Ten Gorgeous Global Gardens:
Beihai Park, Beijing, China
Butchart Gardens, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Chateau de Villandry’s, Loire Valley, France
Giardinoe Rovire di Ninfa, Ninfa, Italy
Jardim Botanico, Rio, Brazil
Kenrokuen Garden, Japan
National Orchid Garden, Singapore
Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Sissinghurst, England
Villa Rufolo & Villa Cimbrone, Ravello, Italy

Some of Our Favorite International Things:
American Retail Distribution Systems
Bali’s Irrigation Systems
Buddhist Attitudes
Chinese Diet
Muslim Hawala Banking system
Danish Wind Power
Dutch Transit Systems
English GAP Year
Eastern Europe’s Constitutionally Mandated Spas
India’s Recycling of Everything
Italian Dinners then passeggiata
Japanese Vending Machines
Mediterranean siestas
Latin American’s manana attitude
Swedish Building Design
US Happy Hour
Islamic talaq divorces
Argentinian midnight dinners

The World’s Best Water Falls:
Angel Falls: Venezuela
El Salto: Mexico
Glass Falls: Brazil
Iguazu Falls: Brazil-Argentina
Murchison Falls: Uganda
Niagara Falls: Canada-USA
Jog Falls: India
Tugela Falls: South Africa
Victoria Falls: Zambia-South Africa
Wallaman, Stony Creek: Australia
Thi Lo So: Thailand
Gullfoss: Iceland
Yosemite: California, USA
Venezulea A13

Ten Things Still to do on My Livings List (aka Bucket List):
Take a helicopter in from JFK to Manhattan.
Take the night train to Mombasa.
Circle Madagascar on sailboat.
See the Barnes Exhibit in Philadelphia.
Live in a hotel suite for a week.
Go on a Polar Bear photo safari in Manitoba.
Scuba dive off Sipadan Island.
Visit Mecca.
Volunteer at a disaster site/refugee camp.

Top Ten Travel Related Indicators:
Hotel Room Occupancy Rates
90-Day Airline Ticket Costs (Up or Down?)
Amusement Park Visits Vs. National Park Visits
Passports Renewed & Issued
Flight Costs on the LAX to LHR Route
Retail Gas Prices
Ease of Redeeming Frequent Flyer Miles
Thickness of Travel & Leisure & Conde Nast’s Traveler (Ad Sales)
Travel Industry Merges & Acquisitions
Terrorist Incidents Against Travelers

Our Favorite North American Festivals:
Balloon Festival: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Calgary Stampede, Alberta, Canada
Gathering of Nations Powwow, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
Indy 500 Weekend, Indianapolis, USA
Kentucky Derby, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
Mardias Gras in New Orleans, USA
Presidential Inaugurals, Washington D.C., USA
Quebec’s Winter Carnival, Quebec City, Canada
San Marcos National Fair: Aguascalientes, Mexico
Sundance Film Festival: Park City Utah, USA

Top Sub-Saharan African Natural Wonders:
Serengeti Plain: Tanzania
Lemur Colonies: Madagascar
Ngoro Ngoro Crater: Tanzania
Mountains of the Moon National Park: Uganda
Lake Victoria:
Namib Desert/Skeleton Coast: Namibia
Victoria Falls (Mosi-Oa-Tunya): Zambia & Zimbabwe
Virunga National Park: Congo
Table Rock, Cape Town: South Africa
Mount Kilimanjaro: Kenya

Our Favorite Global People Watching Places:
Venice Beach Boardwalk, Venice, California
Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Bhaltapur Square, Kathmandu, Nepal
Place Djemaa el-Fna: Marrakesh, Morocco
Heathrow Airport, London, England
Capri, Italy

The Worst Tourist Ghettos:
Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
City Walk, Los Angeles, California
Patpong Streets, Bangkok, Thailand
Piccadilly Square, London, England
Las Vegas, Nevada
Orlando, Florida
Branson, Missouri
Night Market, Chaing Mai, Thailand
Times Square, New York City, New York

Top Ten Public Squares:
Lenox Square: NYC, USA
Piazza Novana: Roma, Italy
Place Jemaa el-Fna: Marrakesh, Morocco
Plaza de Armas: Lima, Peru
Red Square: Moscow, Russia
St Peter’s Square: Vatican City
Times Square: NYC, USA
Tiananmen Square: Beijing, China
Trafalgar Square: London, England
Union Square: San Francisco, USA
Registan Square, Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Our Ten Favorite Places (So far…):
Bali: Indonesia
Kathmandu: Nepal
La Gran Sabana/Angel Falls: Venezuela
Luang Prabang: Laos
Machu Picchu: Peru
Marrakech: Morocco
Pagan Plains: Myanmar
Positano/Amalfi Coast: Italy
Sunshine Coast: British Columbia, Canada
Zanzibar: Tanzania

Our Favorite Beers of the World:
Tiger Beer: Southeast Asia
Molson Canadian: Canada
Carlsberg (draft): Denmark
Red Stripe: Jamaica
Pilsner Urquell (draft): Czech Republic
Asahi Dry: Japan
Guinness Stout (draft): Ireland
Harp Lager: Ireland
Dos Equis XX: Mexico
Leffe: Belgium

The Ten Worst Travel Scams:
ATM thefts
Taxi cab money switch
The Double Bump
Visa/MasterCard travel surcharges
Paying for Internet in hotels
Pigeon poop or ketchup ploy
Corrupt policemen
Bar nibbles that cost a bloody fortune
Paying to take pictures
Credit card copy scams

Our Favorite Rock n’ Roll Destinations:
Abbey Road, London
Strawberry Fields, New York
Cavern Club, Liverpool
Chelsea Hotel, New York
Sunset Strip, Hollywood
Experience Music Project (EMP), Seattle
Graceland, Memphis
Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco
Père Lachaise, Paris
Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland

Top Ten Political Shrines:
Mao’s Tomb, Beijing
Lenin’s Tomb, Moscow
Hiroshima Peace Shrine, Japan
Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC
Raj Ghant, Delhi
United Nations, New York City
Robben Island Prison, South Africa
Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi
Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington DC
Speakers Corner, London
India - gandhighat

Top Ten Public Statues:
Statue of Liberty, New York
Motherland, Volgograd, Russia
Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janiero
Ushiku Daibutsu, Japan
Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong
Quantum Cloud, London
The Virgins of Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Knotted Gun, New York
Policeman Being Tripped, Brussels
The Unknown Official, Reykjavik

Top Ten Amazing Fountains:
Jet d’Eau, Geneva
Fountains of Bellagio, Las Vegas
Trevi Fountain, Roma
Banpo Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, Seoul
Fountain of Wealth, Singapore
Dubai Fountain, UAE
Tap Fountain, Mallorca
Kanazawa Fountain Clock, Japan
Stravinsky Fountain, Paris
Grand Cascade, Peterhof Palace, Saint Petersburg

Our Favorite Global Festivals:
Oktoberfest, Munich
Burning Man, Nevada
Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro
Carnevale, Venice
Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, Morocco
Dia De Los Muertos, Mexico
Holi, India
International Balloon Festival, New Mexico
Running of the Bulls, Pamplona
Songkran Water Festival, Laos or Thailand

The World’s Ten Best Climate Destinations:
San Diego, California
Canary Islands, Spain
Zanzibar, Tanzania
Atlixco, Mexico
Costa Rica
Cote d’Azur, France
Faulconbridge, Australia
Montevideo, Uruguay
Mallorca, Spain

The 10 Best Ever Travel-Friendly Inventions:
Credit cards
ATM cards
Roller luggage
Airport to city center subways
Wrinkle free clothes
Digital cameras

The World’s Top 10 Favorite Global Dishes:
Chicken Tikka
Tacos or Burritos
Weiner Schnitzel
Rice dishes
French Fries

The 10 Worst Cities in the World:
Lagos, Nigeria
Caracas, Venezuela
Jakarta, Indonesia
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Manila, Philippines
Kolkata, India
Karachi, Pakistan
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Harare, Zimbabwe
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Ten Destinations we are Loving to Death:
Old Havana
Machu Picchu
Angkor Wat
Ha Long Bay
Galapagos Island

The Top Ten Worst Global Tourist Traps:
Times Square, New York
Disney World, Florida
Disneyland, California
Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco
Las Vegas Strip, Nevada
Dubai, UAE
Tiananmen Square, China
Rome, Italy
Grand Bazaar, Istanbul
Bangkok, Thailand

Ten Terrible Recent World Heritage Losses:
Buddhas of Bamiyan, Afghanistan (2001)
Over 6,000 Tibetan monasteries (1959-)
Temple of Bel, Syria (2015)
Mosul Museum, Iraq (2014)
Mosque of Prophet Jirjis, Iraq (2014)
Jahanabad Sculptures of Buddha, Pakistan (2007)
Tombs of Timbuktu, Mali (2012)
Great Mosque of Aleppo, Syria (2013)
Krak des Chevaliers, Syria (2013)
Temple of Baalshamin, Syria (2015)

Ancient Roman time town in Palmyra (Tadmor), Syria. Greco-Roman & Persian Period. Fortress Qala'at Ibn Maan

Ten Notorious Cultural Faux Pas:
Eating with left hand…
Feet facing host…
Hands on hips…
Patting someone on the head…
Saying “no” to people…
Stepping over someone…
Using the “ok”sign…
Wearing shoes indoors…
Leaving chopsticks upright in a bowl…
Getting your hosts name wrong…

Ten Reasons Cruises Suck:
Buffet lines
The Constant Hustle: Being nickel and dimmed to death (or poverty!)
Land excursion fees
Lack of labor laws at sea
Lack of environmental laws at sea
People you don’t really want to know
Cheesy entertainment
Prefabricated culture
Lack of adventure

The Ten Most Overrated Destinations:
Las Vegas
Cruise ships
Buenos Aires
Mount Rushmore

The Ten Most Corrupt Destinations (That Travelers Actually Visit):
South Africa

Ten Thrilling/Scary Borders to Cross:
Cyrus Green Line
Check Point Charlie, Berlin Wall in 70’s and 80’s
Allenby Bridge, Jordan-Israel
Green Line (Beirut between Christian and Muslim sides in 1980’s)
Tijuana-San Diego
Peace Line Belfast in 1970’s
Austria to Hungary in 1970’s
Argentina into Paraguay
Hong Kong and Mainland China
Picture 288

Top Ten WTF!? Unnatural Wonders Of The World:
American Dream Park: Guangzhou, China
Euro-Disney: France
Jaya Ancol Dreamland: Jakarta, Indonesia
Las Vegas: Nevada, USA
Lotte World: Seoul, South Korea
Mall of Americas: Minnesota, USA
Pattaya: Thailand
Pleasure Beach: Blackpoll, England
Chinese Communist Party People’s Park, Wuhan, China
West Edmonton Mall: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Window of the World: Shenzhen, China

The Things Serious Travelers™ Know:
► that travel is a privilege of a gifted few—to be fully and thoughtfully enjoyed…
► that each trip can be a true adventure of the mind, not just a vacation…
► to seek out authentic experiences and human interaction…
► how to get off the beaten path to go where few brave to wander…
► how to seek out active and participatory site-doing experiences, not just passive sightseeing experiences…
► that travel should be all about: authenticity, challenge and participation
► to avoid cynical pre-packaged tourism that leaves nothing to chance…
► how to be contrarian travelers…
► that you never feel more alive than when confronting challenges and overcoming obstacles…
► how important trusting strangers in strange lands is—instead of being scared of foreigners and their ideas, and isolated from locals on a cruise ships or tours…
► how to make travel more meaningful, more participatory, more enlightening, more about giving and sharing with others…
► are always thoughtful and curious…
► that travel opens minds, not just doors…
► that travel challenges your daily default mode assumptions…
► that experience have emotional longevity…
► that giving back and helping others help themselves makes their adventures more worthwhile…
► that the spirit of Indiana Jones lives…
► that you have to act after you know better…
► prefer to die being a Thrillionaire versus a millionaire
► that no one country has a monopoly on good ideas…
► witnessing poverty and mass misery are not forms of entertainment…
► awareness is the best antidote to small-mindedness and ignorance…
► the worst travel advice is to make sure that you plan everything before leaving…
► there is no such thing as a boring place—only boring travelers…
► have the following traits: they are adaptable to any situation, alert to their social environment, cooperative, dependable, energetic, persistent, tolerant of stress, willing to assume responsibility, are above-average intelligence, have a tolerance of ambiguity, are risk-taking, have self-confidence, enjoy intrinsic motivations, are ambitious, are cognitively flexible, and are first-rate observers…
► have the following skill-sets: they are clever problem-solvers, are conceptually skilled, creative, diplomatic and tactful, have unique analytical abilities, are organized, and are socially skilled…
► are not always seeking out new and improved experiences—sometimes the tried and true of human interaction, albeit exotic, are enough…
► that traveling is so much more than just hanging at a beach resort, or sitting on a cruise ship stuffing yourself at the midnight buffet…
► that sometimes their best travel destination ideas from the State Department’s travel warning list…
► are travel addicts—who always need another fix…
► that regrets mostly come from not doing what you really wanted to do…
► that life is not no dress rehearsal, that it is short and that these are the good old days—they spend them wisely—they go and have fun…

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