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Travel IQuiz™

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With over 165,000 in 2016, what city has the most hotel rooms?

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Standing on the Equator, how fast are you traveling?

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According to the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS), the U.S Government spent what percentage of its budget on Foreign Aid in 2016?

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What is the largest Islamic mosque NOT in Saudi Arabia, with a capacity for 900,000 worshippers?

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In 2011, the winner of the El Nino-inspired Big Wave Challenge surfed a spine-numbing 78-foot-high wave. Where was the wave caught?

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Canada has the longest coastline (202,080 km) Which country is second?

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What remote area of the world has the planet's best stargazing?

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What city lies the furthest North?

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What city is further South?

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Averaging just 16% of available yearly sunshine, what is reputed to be cloudiest place in the world?

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