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Travel IQuiz™

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Pre-pandemic was the Golden Age of Travel. Which was NOT true?

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With a death rate of .07 per billion passenger miles, what is unquestionably the safest mode of travel?

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Other than war-ravaged Somalia, what other nation has NOT ratified the International Convention on the Rights of the Child?

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Until 1730, what county was the world's only source of diamonds?

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Airbnb has grown greatly since 2008, and in 2019 had over 7 million properties and made over 272 million bookings globally What hotel group is second with just 7,500 properties and 1.3 million rooms?

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Which tri-color scheme is represented on the most national flags?

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Mexico has one Federal District (Mexico City) and how many states?

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With 62% of its countries land mass protected, which nation leads the world?

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The busiest commercial domestic flight route, with almost 65,000 flights in 2016 was?

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What does Palestine use as its currency in 2021?

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