Take our specially curated Travel IQuizTM to test your knowledge of the world. Take it as many times as you like, because each time you do, you will have 10 new randomly selected questions. There are hundreds of questions…it is quite addictive! 

Travel IQuiz™

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What South American country extends the farthest south?

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Journalist Henry Morton Stanley was on a quest to find what?

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According to a 2020 Business Traveler poll, the average business traveler takes how many business trips a year?

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With a death rate of .07 per billion passenger miles, what is unquestionably the safest mode of travel?

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Which is NOT true?

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The Barbary Coast lies along what body of water?

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Who was the first European to see the Pacific Ocean?

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What percentage of all world travel takes place within 1,000 kilometers (600 miles) of the departure site?

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In dealing with a crisis, which is NOT true?

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Which nationality laughs the most, with an average of 19 minutes a day?

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