So…Where should we go in 2023? That is our question. And the whole world is our oyster.

Since our inaugural event in 2002, we’ve covered a lot of ground…85 countries, so far. (The red above are all the countries we have visited.) And anyone who knows us, knows we want to take our event to 100 countries.

So…Where should we go this year? A-Z, here’s a speculative list of places new to visit–among hundreds of other destinations.

Places We Could Go that We Haven’t Yet? (We need 15 countries to get to 100):
A – Auckland, New Zealand or Abidjan, Ivory Coast, perhaps Almaty, Kazakhstan
B – Baku, Azerbaijan or Beirut, Lebanon
C – Chattogram, Bangladesh or Caracus, Venezuela
D – Dubrovnik, Croatia or Dhaka, Bangladesh, maybe Dakar, Senegal
E – Edinburgh, Scotland
F – Foz do Iguacu, Brazil or Freetown, Sierra Leone
G – Granada, Nicaragua or Gold Coast, Australia
H – Hebron, Palestine or Havana, Cuba
I – Isfahan, Iran or Islamabad, Pakistan
J – Jerusalem, Israel or Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
K – Kampala, Uganda or Kuching, Borneo
L – La Paz, Bolivia or Lome, Togo
M – Montreal, Quebec or Maputo, Mozambique, or even perhaps Male, Maldives
N – Nis, Serbia or New Kingston, Jamaica
O – Odessa, Ukraine (Maybe not this year!)
P – Papeete, Tahiti or Panama City, Panama
Q – Quito, Ecuador or Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
R – Rancagua, Chile or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
S – Samarkand, Uzbekistan or Savarejo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
T – Tbilisi, Georgia or Tirana, Albania
U – Ulan Bator, Mongolia or, we could go back to Ulan Bator, Mongolia
V – Valette, Malta or Vina del Mar, Chile
W – Windhoek, Namibia or Wuhan, China (Kidding!)
X – Xai-Xai, Mozambique or 50 other cities in China
Y – Yerevan, Armenia or Yaounde, Cameroon
Z – Zanzibar, Tanzania or Zinder, Niger

Don’t hurt your brain, but correct answers only…

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