#6 - Moving around the world

I want this guys job...

MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

#5...Who doesn't love to eat?

Number 5 in a series...I think I like these, and will do more! Enjoy!

EAT from Rick Mereki on Vimeo.

Our Annual Event in Pictures

Enjoy...the sights and music too!

MAPS, Maps and more maps

Hello all...we are back!

Anyone who knows us, knows that we love maps...a tad geeky at times we admit

So, in an effort to educate and blow your mind...check out this wonder map POV. Enjoy...



Being a Responsible Traveler

Morning...one week to go!

I have to start getting in the blogging groove, so I guess today is as good as any day. I don't seem to have anything else to do...

Here is a creed already shared with our travelers personally that was repackaged for Huffington Post today.

And here arre a few photos from years gone by...and my how time flies!

From humble beginnings way back in 2002...our first! But some familiar faces...

In 2004 in India...we make friends everywhere!

In 2005...eating always at great places.

In 2008...after a brief baby hiatus, we are back in exotic locales!

In 2009...we kept our bearings--full-speed ahead!

In 2010...it was a very good year!

And 2011...was even better! (PS Who's the dude that obviously can't dance?)

But 2012...was simply the best, better than all the rest.

...Until 2013 of course!

See you all soon...

BTW...I will leave comments page open for 36 hours after each posting...but then will close it down sadly due to spam.
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