The World's Greatest Travelers for 2014 are?

Saturday May 3 – Day 23

The 2014 travel world championship is over.

Our twenty-three days traveling around the world (a circumnavigation of the globe) to ten secret countries (a blind date with the world) completing hundreds of culturally-oriented site-doing scavenges and meeting hundreds of gracious people along the way has finished. For some it was over all too quickly, for others it was a marathon. For everyone, an amazing adventure.

Here is what happened today.

Teams set out in Chicago today on an 8-hour (par one) scavenge hunt. The only thing really on the line was second place. Teams went to the Cubs game, swam in chilly Lake Michigan, had cheezeborgers at Billy Goat’s and enjoyed the amazing collection of art at the Art Institute of Chicago. Teams finished how they began in Vancouver 23-days ago—strong.

In fifth place for the leg was Bare Necessities (Bettina & Jonathan), completing 12 scavenges for 485 points.

In fourth place were rookie sensations Heckarewee (Leslie & Dan) who did 19 scavenges while compiling 535 points.

Third place went to event leaders Lawyers without Borders (Zoe & Rainey), who coasted to 545 points.

In second place, completing 19 scavenges and earning 710 points was Sister Act Two (Emily & Rainey Jr.);

Retired Traveling Chicks with Event Director.

And winning the last leg of our journey and their first leg of the 2014, completing an amazing 24 scavenges for 810 points, were Retired Traveling Chicks (Kim & Maria).

Meaning that the final leader board for the 2014 event looked like this…

In a tie for second place, two hard working never-say-die teams: the Retired Traveling Chicks (Kim & Maria):
and Sister Act Two (Emily & Rainey Jr.).

Sister Act II...
And no surprise here, winning The Global Scavenger Hunt’s 2014 event and their fourth title in six years as The World’s Greatest Travelers, Lawyers without Borders (Zoe & Rainey)!

Zoe & Rainey, 2014 event winners!

A wonderful finish for all…circumnavigators certificates for all…and more later after we celebrate at our Winner’s Gala at Kinzie Chophouse with an event post-mortem to follow.

The after 2014 tribe photo...minus a few folks.

Last Chance….Finally, remember that The Global Scavenger Hunt has always been about more than traveling around the world competing for The World's Greatest Travelers crown in the world travel championship... it is about helping others help themselves through the GreatEscape Foundation. This year, to celebrate our event's 10th anniversary, our goal is to fund 10 schools in places that really need them. Co-ed elementary schools at that. So, if you have it in your heart to not eat a lunch out this week and make a small one-time $25 online donation during the course of the 2014 event, we know a lot of kids needing an education that would thank you. Thank you all, because we all know that every little bit helps out a lot. (FYI: All individual donation names will be put in a hat and on May 3rd we will select a winner for a special fun prize—it will be worth much more than your $25+ donation!). Thank you!


Our Annual Event in Pictures

Enjoy...the sights and music too!