The World's Greatest Travelers™ tip of the day!

We start a new feature here today, The World's Greatest Travelers™ tip of the day. 

The idea is to impart on travelers everywhere a little unconventional wisdom, tips and 
quotes that will hopfully increase your Travel IQ--or just have more fun traveling! 
Occasionally they will be peppered with Top Ten lists. Comments welcome. 

So here goes...

Day 9 Travel Tip of the Day:

Travel Tip #318 - Do you occasionally have a senior moment and forget your
hotel and/or room number--they all look alike, right? If you have a smartphone/digital
camera, take a photo of the front of your will never have a problem explaining
to taxi drivers where you are staying again! Ditto your room.


Day 8 Travel Tip of the Day:

Travel Trip #564 - When in transit or just basically traveling, take to heart these three (okay four)
basic rules: never stand when you can sit, never sit when you can lie down, and never pass up a
chance to use the bathroom…and mostly never be without toilet paper in your daypack!

Day Seven Travel Tip of the Day:


Travel Tip #210 - Word to the wise: I always make sure that I leave my loved ones on the right terms.
Have great sex the night before you fly. Leave some fun notes for the kids. It will help everyone and
you will sleep better too. And just in case, their final memories of you are good.

Day Six Tip of the Day:


Travel Tip #345 – When booking anything, remember that everything is
always negotiable! Always ask, is that the best price today? Should I come back
tomorrow for a better price? They might offer you a "deal," seeing if you'll snatch
it while knowing it's not the lowest price they can offer. Always express hesitance
and wait for them to sell you. If you think you can do better, walk away saying you’ll
have to think about it. Bottom line: Don’t ever be afraid to ask; because as I tell my kids,
if you don’t ask--you don’t get! This works buying flights, booking hotel rooms, on rental
cars and markest the world over...don't be shy!

Day Five Tip of the Day:

"Travel has never been so urgent, even necessary, as it is today." - Pico Iyer

So much misunderstanding. So much ignorance. And yet we live in a highly interconnected globalized world.
A solution: Go travel!


Day Four Tip of the Day:  

I am always asked simple questions; like which I would recommend
Either/Or? Here is my latest list of Either/Or choices I would choose:
Florida or Hawaii? (Hawaii)
Rome or Florence? (Florence)
LA or SF? (SF)
Paris or London? (Paris)
ATL or O'Hare? (ATL)
10 day trip or three 4-day trips? (10 day trips)
Louvre Musee or Musee O'rsay? (O'rsay)
Europe or Asia? (Asia)
Vienna or Berlin? (Vienna)
Croatia or Cinque de Terre? (Croatia)
Panama or Mexico? (Panama)
Hong Kong or Singapore? (HGK)
De Gaulle or Heathrow for connections? (De Gaulle)
Window or Aisle? (Window)
Turkey or Greece? (Turkey)
Prague or Budapest? (Budapest)
Australia or New Zealand? (NZ)
Beijing or Shanghai? (Beijing)
Dubai or Las Vegas? (Vegas...easier to get to and you can kiss in public!)
Bangkok or Singapore? (Bangkok)
Bali or Phuket? (Bali)
France or Italy? (Italy)
Amsterdam or Copenhagen? (Copenhagen)
7-day cruise or 7-day resort? (Resort)
Disneyland or Disney World? (Save your money & stay home)
Buenos Aries or Rio di Janeiro? (Rio)
Machu Picchu or Angkor Wat? (Machu Picchu)
Tanzania or Zambia? (Zambia)
Uganda or Angola? (Angola)
China or Vietnam? (Vietnam)
Nepal or Tibet? (Nepal)
…I could go on.


Day Three Tip of the Day:

Travel Myth #1 - There is a right way to travel. Wrong, there is no right way formula to travel. There is no cookie cutter one-size-fits-all approach to travel either. There is only your own personal Goldilocks Theory of Travel. Some folks love to sleep on the beach, while others are adrenaline junkies. Some are cheap and busy, others wealthy and lazy. Some like the tried and true and hang with the herd, while others head off to parts unknown by themselves. Some folks just need a few days, while others take a whole year off. There are no right ways to travel, and one way is not better than the other; it is wholly subjective, personal and an individual choice. Just like art. There's slow travel, hyper-travel, event travel, culinary travel, cultural travel, etc. I say, just travel.

Day Two's Tip of the Day:

The Travel Mindset #1 - The hard fact of life is that you are only getting older and closer to death. Accept it. That said, YOLO (You Only Live Once) is the time to travel; not next year, not after you retire, not after the world goes to hell in a hand basket--now! Shit happens, and frankly, you never know where the roller coaster we call life will take you. As Woody Allen says, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans." So, planning a trip for a year from now is great, but don’t put off travel as you and the world are rapidly changing…and it will only cost more later! No matter how short your trips, make taking them a lifelong habit.

Day One's nugget...and it is always best to start at the beginning I think:

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." - Helen Keller