Terms & Conditions

We hate all this legal stuff as much as you do--No, maybe more!—but it protects you from us and us from you. To date we have taken hundreds of travelers around the world with us without incident or claim. (Knock on wood!) So, please read this carefully, because the Terms & Conditions for participating in The Global Scavenger Hunt's 2015 event are important for all of us toknow upfront.        

Here is the printable
2015 Event Terms & Conditions PDF version.

Please print it, read it, sign it...and then scan/e-mail/fax/mail it back to us at:

GreatEscape Adventures, Inc. (GEA Inc)
1.310.281.7809 tel/fax 1.310.494.9343
(CST 2071053-40)


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